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    Museum Week: Wednesday

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Good morning all!

    It seems like rainy season has arrived a bit early this year. This morning, Tokyo is grey, chilly, and wet. This means we'll have to be creative in our transportation methods this afternoon~no outdoor walking for us!

    It's good that we took advantage of the past two days. Since it was dry we could walk and enjoy the outdoors. It provided the perfect opportunities to visit the Temple at Shiba Koen as well as yesterdays little Museums.

    I'll get to that location in just a moment!

    Yesterday on Day Three of Museum Week, the little guy was having a moody day~or what I like to call a day of normal toddler behavior.

    He was a little cantankerous, his stubborn streak was rearing its head, and I think his allergies were bothering him. He was rubbing his wee nose all morning long.

    Needless to say, I didn't want to drag him to a museum if he wasn't up for it, but he woke from his nap happy as a clam. His nose was fine, he had a hearty snack, drank some juice, and was ready to go out.

    But just in case, I decided to stay close to home.

    Day Three of Museum Week brought us to one of Tokyo's most popular and famous tourist spots~Tokyo Tower. We live just a stone's throw from the Tower, much like living right next door to the Eiffel Tower, and as it has many little museums and showcases within, it made the most sense to head there.


    Even before we stepped outside I could tell the weather was beginning to turn. Can you see how grey the sky is? Can you also see how the very top of Tokyo Tower is bent? It was caused by the earthquake on March 11th.

    I was a little concerned that the heavens were about to open on us so we hurried inside. Once we were there, we headed to our primary destination...

    The Wax Museum.


    Wax Museums hold a strange fascination for me. On one hand, I'm always interested to see how closely the figures resemble the actual "celebrity". On the other hand, they are so incredibly creepy.

    I went to the Wax Museum in the French Quarter numerous times growing up and had a fascination/fear of it even then. The displays were small, walkways pitch black, but it was the eyes that always kept my feet going in forward motion. They were similar to the portraits that seem to follow you wherever you go.

    Maybe it was a little New Orleans voodoo at work~or my imagination~but either way, I always said I'd never go back...yet still I did.

    The figures from the Wax Museum in Tokyo Tower certainly haven't been touched by any gumbo ya-ya, but it wouldn't have hurt. Hailing from the London Wax Museum, to gain entrance you first walk past this very large bust of Marilyn Monroe.


    It was a pretty good indicator of what was to come: a little schtick, maybe a little creep factor, but most definitely the worst wax figures you have ever seen. For example...


    Name these three wax figures!

    I'm sure you can since the artists who constructed them managed to accurately capture the clothing details. The faces, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired. Don't you think they all look prematurely aged? Just a little bloated? Maybe Audrey looks like she had a bit too much botox?

    And what about the lead singer from Metallica, James Hetfield?


    He seemed a bit more spot on, but there was still something a little off.

    In short, the Wax Museum is pretty bad.

    And this is in part what makes it so much fun.


    With the exception of Frank Zappa, the little guy and I appreciated that the Museum wasn't very creepy. The wax figures are so bad they're almost funny. I loved that the entire exhibit was well-lit. It's also hilarious to see the wax figures that were randomly placed together~with no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

    An example? Placing Jimmy Hendrix next to Leonardo Da Vinci, who is by a random Japanese wax figure that no one can seem to identify.

    The exhibit also encourages the patrons to be a little silly. Aside from three fun house mirrors, some might be tempted to sing "My Heart Will Go On" because of this interactive display...


    That's right friends, I'm queen of the world! And the scallywag, he just had to jump in on the fun.


    I think this, plus the display of kitchy toys, was his favorite part of the Wax Museum.


    But we couldn't end our tour of the Tower with the museum of wax figures. We went to another exhibition~one that's here only temporarily. I felt certain that as the scallywag is all boy it would appeal to him.


    We weren't allowed to take pictures on the inside, but we did get one before we entered.


    And sure enough, I was right. The scallywag loved the display of various dinosaur bones. He was fascinated by the animated film showing a typical day in the life of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs.

    It was a small showcase, but I was very glad we went. The little guy really enjoyed himself and I enjoyed watching him.

    Tokyo Tower holds many small, but worthwhile exhibitions~including a floor with food vendors, an aquarium, a space museum, and an observation deck that allows visitors to view the entire city.

    We'll go back in the next few weeks and see more of the available museums, but for now I'm ready to walk the floors of one that is more traditional.

    Where will this bring us on Day Four of Museum Week?

    Come back very soon to see.

    A lovely day to you all, friends, and thank you for all your encouraging words regarding Museum Week. It's been a treat to take part in it, as well as share it with all of you.

    My best to you all!

    4 Responses to “
    Museum Week: Wednesday

    Barbecued Peaches said...

    Oh, I absolutely would have taken the same Titanic picture! I have a hard time believing that movie has been out...13 years? Every time I watch it I think, "maybe this time he'll live..." :)

    Ruth said...

    I love the Titanic pics. They are creepy.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Barbecued Peaches~Thank you for stopping by! It's so nice to see you over here. It's *also* nice to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys embracing their inner cheeseball. Ha! Totally know what you mean..."I'll never let go!"

    Ruth~Wait a moment, honey bun. I'm creepy? Or the exhibit? Haha! I know what you mean~wax figures are creepy, even when they're poorly done. Love you!

    Ally Garner said...

    You look so much like Audrey Hepburn in that Titanic photo!! You are so beautiful, just wow!

    I bet the scallywag had a blast at this museum.

    I've always wanted to visit Tokyo and this series is confirming why. The city seems so modern, sleek, chic & peaceful. I know you must miss home, family & friends, but i imagine living in such a fascinating city & culture is great fun!