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    A Hair-raising Day

    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    Hello all!

    We're safe and sound, wrapped up in the comfort of my parents home in New Orleans. Our week in L.A. was marvelous~but if I expounded upon it as much as I want to, you'd call me a traitor to our Southern roots.

    It's very easy to see why people go to California and decide to stay there.

    I'll get to our lovely week in Lala Land soon enough, but for now, I'm going to talk about something more recent.

    My sweet children!

    High on our list of "to-do's" while in the States was to get their hair cut. This was slightly below finding a home/school, but above eating out every single day. High priority, friends!

    And here is why...I give you Exhibit A~also known as Eldest.

    She's gorgeous, no doubt about it.


    But her hair, much like mine, hasn't been tended to since she was in Fourth grade. That's right, I just confessed to breaking a cardinal rule for all southern women~my hair has not been touched by anyone in over a good year. Unlike me, however, Eldest hasn't been too broken up about this fact. But since it wasn't something she could opt out of, she asked that we keep the length.


    This wouldn't be a problem. Her long hair reminds me of when she was a very little girl, and as every day seems to pass by with more speed, I am clinging to what I can while I can.

    I love her long hair. I also love the birthmark within it. Isn't it cool? It's just a long strand of red-brown hair.


    It's so unique~much like Exhibit B: the scallywag.


    Would you look at the mop on my sons head? It's apparently all the rage and considered very California cool. But it drives me crazy that I cannot see his sweet brown eyes, and worse, that he looks like he could pass for one of the Scooby Gang with that 70's do.


    Plus, he just has to get used to haircuts. Zussos Kids in Tokyo was terrific. They catered to very young children and understood they were there to get the job done. Our regular stylist, Shimada-san, was quick. Ninja quick. And the scallywag always did pretty well with her. He was calm, easily distracted from the actual snipping, and enjoyed the very child-friendly atmosphere.

    Thanks to my parents and their connections we were able to get both an appointment with the owner of a local salon. It's not a children's salon per se, but they will cut their hair if asked.

    Do I need to tell you how it all played out? Yes? No? Ok, I'll condense the scallywag's reaction to this new salon and his hair cut in one picture:


    It was a little something like that. Not so much with the teeth, just the loud, strong, negative opinion. By the way, the scallywag actually took this picture of Eldest while they were goofing around. Maybe he was inspired?

    In any case, he was content to play with blocks and sit with Eldest as she was pampered and styled.


    It would be an understatement to say that she liked her salon experience. The shampooing, conditioning, the sweet owner who was her stylist, Mrs. Linda~it was all wonderful.



    And the end result?


    Just what our sweet girl requested.

    An inch was snipped, long layers were added, and we have a very happy eleven year old this evening. She's ready for her return to Los Angeles and a brand new school year.

    As for the scallywag, he may have dodged the bullet this afternoon, but tomorrow? We have a scheduled trip to Pigtails & Crewcuts. It's a children's salon and I suspect he'll do much better than he did today.

    Come back and see how we fare in Round Two!

    6 Responses to “
    A Hair-raising Day

    Your Southern Peach said...

    So, so envious of her hair! She is just gorgeous too. I'm with you on the long hair on boys trend. I like my boys clean and neat! We also go to Pigtails and Crewcuts and the boys love it.

    I'maNolaGirl said...

    What a fabulous haircut! Your children are both beautiful. Good luck at Pigtails and Crewcuts!!

    burningitdown said...

    Welcome back!!! I hope y'all have been indulging in some NOLA fare before you return to Cali.

    JMW said...

    She looks beautiful! My daughter had her first salon haircut at the beginning of the summer, as opposed to her regular visit to "Short Cuts," where she sat in the Barbie chair. She loved getting the shampoo as well! Best of luck with little guy's cut - I can speak from exerience that that's always an adventure!

    Ally Garner said...

    If i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times. But it bares repeating: your children should be on the cover of magazines. So adorable!!

    Love eldest long locks - i've never seen a birthmark in hair before. That is so cool! It also might spare you an announcement from her one day that she wants to die streaks in her hair. Maybe.

    So glad y'all are having fun with your family in new Orleans for the week. I know you've missed them. Can't wait to hear all about how you're getting settled in California soon!

    Ruth said...

    It looks wonderful!!! I know she will love the layers. Just some advice from the aunt if she wants to keep the layers better be prepared to go at least every 2 months.