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    The Tokyo Bucket List

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    This is it friends, our last full week in Tokyo, Japan.

    It has crept up on us, and as Husband will tell you, when he told me this weekend would be our last I about fell out of my chair.

    Is it time already? Has the year truly gone by this quickly?

    Apparently so. With this in mind, we're spending this week completing our Asia Bucket List.

    So far, a few things have been completed, and with this in mind, our "Asia Bucket List" has now become our "Tokyo Bucket List".

    So far we've completed:

    1.) Final Sunday brunch with friends at Beacon. Don't Husband's huevos rancheros look scrumptious?


    2.) Picking up another oil painting in Hong Kong. This gorgeous modern painting was a departure from our more muted pieces, but the colors reminded me of the vibrancy of life in Tokyo. And the price? Dirt cheap. Picking up an original 3 by 5 foot oil painting for under $100 anywhere is a bargain! Thank you J. Branco for sharing your art.



    3.) Top of the line knock-off bags. I don't think I need to elaborate.



    4.) Visiting one of the great wonders of the world with my family. There is just nothing to compare it to. When stepping onto stones first laid thousands of years ago, knowing what occurred and would occur there, you cannot help but be moved by the history. I do promise to write about the Great Wall tomorrow!


    5.) Touring other Asian countries. South Korea, Guam, China, Hong Kong...Goodness knows there are plenty more countries we wanted to visit~Thailand and Singapore in particular. But over the span of a year, living in, and visiting 5 isn't too shabby. Not at all.
















    We've done so much, seen so many things. It's been such a delight living abroad in a foreign nation. I'll miss so much about Japan, but we're not gone yet. We still have a little time. And there are still some things I want to do.

    With that in mind, here are the last few things on my "Tokyo Bucket List":

    1.) Purchasing Japanese day robes for the children

    2.) Enjoying tea at The Peninsula

    3.) Watching a sumo match

    4.) Geisha photoshoot

    5.) Picking up some dishes on Kitchen Street

    Most of these won't be too difficult, but others will take a little planning. There isn't much time left so please wish me luck!

    A lovely day to you all...

    7 Responses to “
    The Tokyo Bucket List

    Ruth said...

    It has been a year full of adventures. I am glad I got to live it through you.

    Your Southern Peach said...

    Oh wow! I can feel it is a bittersweet time for you. I hope you get to do everything you wish and a little more. It is such a spectacular city!

    Ally Garner said...

    Gosh some of those images are breathtaking just thinking about all of the special memories attached . I agree with Amy, the word that instantly comes to mind is "bittersweet." I hope this is a week filled with fun times & last adventures for the Quon family!

    I know it will be hard to leave, but at the end of the day, you still have the grand prize no matter where you live - your precious family. Many blessings Quons!!

    maria said...

    what a great list!!! YOur pictures are beautiful, your last days will be going by fast with all those plans....such exciting ones!! enjoy your last days!!! Ill be living vicariously through you!! Can't believe your year is up!! what a blink!

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    A wonderful year -- you've taken great advantage of your time there and will have such wonderful memories, photos and souvenirs!

    Kerri said...

    What an amazing adventure - thank you so much for sharing with those of us who will probably never even make it to Asia-anywhere! Safe travels and mercies to you all as you enjoy the last of it!

    Suburban Princess said...

    Gosh what an amazing year! I know you will finish off your list and take amazing photos!