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    Fall Fashion Fantasies

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    With a combination of beautiful weather, the school year beginning tomorrow, and NFL pre-season games every weekend, Fall is begging to be let out and shine her glory on everyone.

    We have chilly mornings and evenings in L.A. which has my mind turning to thoughts of lovely things that can be easily layered.

    And with the craziness of this past week, I really need a little frivolity to think about!

    Would you like to see the pretties I've been thinking about?


    Tory Burch's Aaden Riding Boots

    A serious splurge, no argument, but the color and style is timeless. Wear them with your skinny jeans, a sweet, flirty skirt, or under some wide-legged trousers and you and your feet will be in sheer heaven!


    Ann Taylor's Downtown Sheathe Dress

    My Lord, what isn't there to love about this dress? The material is super comfortable, the cut a little sweet, a whole lot of saucy. And it's RED. I love a bold color, and a there's something about a little red dress that seems to break all the rules while following them to the T at the same time.


    J. Crew's Perfect Shirt in Leopard

    Maybe it's because we're living in L.A., but for some reason I find myself taking more than a passing glance at these bolder choices. And animal print never goes out of style. This shirt with a simple pant, skirt, a jean...it works every single time. It's fun, and who doesn't want to have fun when they're getting dressed?


    J. Crew's Sequin Henley Shell

    It's not so sparkly that you'll blind people who are trying to get a good look at this lovely top, but it has enough to dress it up for a day or evening wear. And again? You can wear it with just about anything!


    Merona's Collin Cardigan

    I think people are intimidated by short-sleeved sweaters~doubly so when it's a tie front. But the great thing about this sweater from Target is that it can be worn year round. In the warmer months wear it over a little tank or a darker dress. The colder months make it just as versatile when you wear it over a long sleeved shirt. It's a more casual item, certainly, but we all have days when we want to relax and do nothing. You could easily do that in this little number!


    Mossimo's Long Sleeved Cardigan

    This sweater also comes from Target and resembles the cardi's from J. Crew so strongly it's amazing. I'm not going to say anything beyond that. I just love Target.

    I haven't been shopping for myself in a while, which I knows thrills Husband to no end. And he doesn't have to worry. These are items I'm simply drooling over in my head. It's just a little way to enjoy some pre-Fall fun and to celebrate a love of clothing as well.

    And that is so worth celebrating isn't it?

    A lovely evening to you all! I'm off to get a certain sweet girl ready for her first day of school.

    Good night!

    4 Responses to “
    Fall Fashion Fantasies

    Ally Garner said...

    I wish we had chilly evenings & mornings here in Charlotte. Sigh.

    Love that J Crew shell & the Ann Taylor dress. So pretty! You've got great taste Miss Elizabeth :)

    Wishing the Quon kids a wonderful year at their new schools!

    the southern hostess said...

    Beautiful finds! Fall clothes are my favorite to shop for.

    rach said...

    I love love love fall clothes! I wish i had the money to go fall shopping for some new peices to add to my wardrobe! Here in ireland its usually pretty chilly so its sweater weather all year round (both equally nice and horrible haha!) but its still nice to have something new to bring in the season! I love the sweater with the tie in front- i think its so flattering for all shapes!

    Ruth said...

    i love the boots and red dress.