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    Giggles Courtesy of Ann Taylor & Gordon Gartrell

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    When the children and I ventured out to The Oaks a few days before school began, I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes at the stores I missed while living in Japan.

    My top 3? Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor.

    While browsing the latest offerings at Ann Taylor I took my time admiring the Downtown Sheathe Dress (seen here). It reminded me just why I loved this store so much: classic style, luxe fabrics, flattering cuts.

    Knowing this to have always been true, imagine my surprise when I saw this:


    Every store has its hits and misses. It happens. And this certainly isn't the worst I've ever seen. The cut was lovely, the color was pretty, but the panels at the shoulders...It just seemed incongruous with everything else in the store.

    And it looked so familiar...

    And then it hit me! Perhaps the design team who was up late one night, stuck on just how to make the Fall 2011 Ann Taylor collection pop. Everyone knows that fashion is constantly recycled and updated, and as the 80's are in full swing with the re-emergence of the shoulder pad, friendship bracelets, leggings, and vibrant neons, they decided to dig up even more 80's gold.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I think the design team at Ann Taylor owe Bill Cosby a little financial compensation.

    Gordon Gartrell anyone?


    Oh, I must have looked a sight in Ann Taylor when it occurred to me. Because once I started laughing, I couldn't stop. Then I had to pull up the video on YouTube once we were home so Eldest could see why I was so tickled.

    She was in equal hysterics. And can you blame us? Cosby is some of the best clean family friendly comedy that is out there today. It was always well-written, the dialogues playfully executed, and the story lines/topics are still relevant today. Those were good people telling good stories.

    Goodness knows I wish there were shows like that for my children to watch now.

    Should you be in need of a good laugh, watch these two clips and enjoy the brilliance and delightful humor of Bill Cosby in the episode only known as "The Tale of a Shirt".

    8 Responses to “
    Giggles Courtesy of Ann Taylor & Gordon Gartrell

    Suburban Princess said...

    I was just saying to hubby the other night that when we were kids we had Cosby, Full House, Growing Pains etc and now there is Charlie Sheen. Ugh.

    Amy R. said...

    That is really funny because I remember watching that episode (several times). Do you remember the puffy pirate shirt that Jerry wore on Sinfield? I have seen a few of those floating around in stores over the years too:)

    Ally Garner said...

    Hahahaha!! Oh gosh, you are so right. That's hysterical. Such a great Cosby episode.

    Amen to Suburban Princess' comment! I miss great family shows like that on tv. I can't think of many shows, if any, that families can watch together that are as funny as those old Thursday night NBC lineups. That's so sad.

    Bink said...

    Wahahahahahahaha, I totally remember that! The shirt also reminds me of one of the fashion mishaps of Mary Jo from Designing Women.

    You are so cute!

    Beth said...

    Thanks for "finding" my blog and taking time to comment! And weren't the Huxables a great family?

    Ruth said...

    before i even scrolled down to see you pull up the Theo shirt that is what popped into my head.

    Wendy said...

    So funny - I totally remember that episode!!! I remember crying when The Cosby Show went off the air. That was one of my weekly favorites!

    Kerri said...

    That was such a fabulous show and what a HYSTERICAL comparison with that crazy shirt episode! I remember that well! :)