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    Reasons to Love The Four Seasons

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Last Sunday we said farewell to New Orleans and returned to our new home of Los Angeles. It was so hard saying goodbye to my parents.


    But we had good reason to be excited about our arrival at LAX...

    Husband was waiting for us! We were so happy to see him and believe me, he was happy to see us.

    From the airport we made our way to our temporary home:


    That's right! We're back at the Four Seasons. In truth we weren't expecting to return, but as there's a shortage on temporary housing here we are~and no one is complaining.

    I'd love to tell you why...

    Here are some reasons to love the Four Seasons!

    ~Feeling jet-lagged? Room service will deliver the most wonderful pot of coffee to your room.


    Arriving on a highly-polished tray draped with pressed white linens, the entire coffee service is presented in sparkling shades of porcelain and platinum. The prettiest shock of pink lets you know that attention to detail~and you~is very important to the people looking after you. Oh, and the coffee is really good. That doesn't hurt!

    ~Flowers, flowers everywhere!


    No need to worry friends with allergies, unless you request it they're not in your rooms. But the moment you're escorted into the Four Seasons Hotel you will be astounded by the gorgeous array of flowers. When we were here in July, white orchid blossoms were everywhere. But now?


    Sunflowers! As we approach the cooler months of Fall, a more Autumnal blossom has made its way onto the table tops. I love fresh flowers, but as three out of our four family members sneeze at the mere sight of flowers, we rarely have them in our home. Our stay at the Four Seasons has allowed me to live vicariously through them and enjoy these pretty flowers.

    ~The beds. Ohhhh the beds.


    I think this picture says it all, don't you? The beds are incredibly comfortable and you tend to zonk out the moment you lay down. That's what happened to this sleepy bebe. He was out cold when this picture was taken!

    The children have their own room and as you can see, it's highly traditional.


    In fact, everything about the Four Seasons is traditional. This extends to how you are treated as a guest. With all the generous hospitality and a staff always ready with a warm smile, staying here makes me feel like I'm back home in the South. It's wonderful.

    ~They treat your children with kindness, welcoming them with open arms...


    and warm cookies and milk! This was what greeted the children when they entered their room Sunday evening. Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and caramel cookies are never a bad thing~especially when you've been travelling all day. Of course, I know this only because the children were kind enough to share a bite or two.

    ~Did I mention that they really roll out the red carpet for children?


    As a thoughtful gesture, the Four Seasons provide pint-sized robes and slippers for their smaller guests. I have enthusiastic confirmation that certain children happen to enjoy such things.


    They also enjoy the playful tableware they're presented with when dining in!


    I love staying somewhere that considers my children just as important as the adult guests. It really makes the stay enjoyable for everyone.

    ~We also enjoy the room service! On Monday Husband had our rental car and we had to stay at the hotel for the duration of the day. This meant our meals were brought to our room for breakfast as well as lunch.


    The food was scrumptious! I loved the oatmeal with warm milk and sliced bananas for breakfast. With each and every bite I began thinking more and more about moving into our next home and preparing this delicious dish on chilly Fall mornings...or every morning here.

    Have I mentioned the weather in L.A. is phenomenal?

    ~The bathrooms.


    As a girl, I love a beautifully done bathroom. Marble, chrome, & glass? Yes please! The children love theirs, the bathtub in particular, and I totally understand. I love to slip into a hot bath and just be. There hasn't been any of that at all this summer as we've been constantly moving about, but now we're all enjoying the overly large tubs in the bath.

    A few someones also love that there's a television in there. Personally I don't see the need. But if you're soaking in the tub and your favorite show is on, why not really enjoy it?

    I could go on and on and on.

    We're enjoying this brief stay at the Four Seasons during our transition to L.A. It's not at all our norm, but something we happen to be drinking in with complete appreciation. We've needed some down time, and even though Husband has gone right back to work since arriving, coming home to such a lovely place has certainly helped him settle in. It's helped us all.

    We cannot wait to move into our real home, but still have one more temporary stop before we get there. Not to mention the children are preparing for school! So much to do, so little time.

    Thank goodness for the respite found at the Four Seasons. It's our little island of sanity in a sea of chaos.

    And thank you for stopping by! Take care, friends, and stay cool in these last weeks of summer.

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    Reasons to Love The Four Seasons

    burningitdown said...

    It's like a mini vacay! So jealous - enjoy it!!

    High Heeled Life said...

    So happy to read you are back on North American soil... and looks like you are settling in just fine... xo HHL

    Ally Garner said...

    I've only stayed at a Four Seasons once, and you;re right it was blissful. They really know how to pamper their guests. Gracious, every detail is so beautiful!

    So delighted for you that you're back together as a family. I know y'all had fun with your parents in Louisiana, but it must be so exciting to be back in LA, getting ready to settle in to your new adventure together.

    Have fun at the Four Seasons - can't wait to hear what's on the agenda next!

    Your Southern Peach said...

    I'm so happy you're getting the royal treatment and a much needed rest after your long trip home. But you better be careful, the kids may never want to leave :)

    Ruth said...

    AT least 3 of you are on vacation. :) It looks wonderful.

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    You must be so ready to get into more perm housing but yay for such a fabulous place to stay while you are waiting. The kiddie robes are adorable!


    Kerri said...

    How wonderful! Enjoy every second - after all that you have been through in the last year, you deserve it! :)

    Aspiring Kennedy said...

    i looooooove the four seasons. no one does it better, do they? enjoy!!! and if you have any extra of those yummy cookies... send some to england. ;)