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    Dog Collars

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    When your children are under the weather, you want them to rest and have quiet play. To get the scallywag to take it easy we had to watch Nemo and Thomas a few times. But he was well enough that I didn't want his entire weekend spent in front of the television.

    When children have colds, I find the best way to occupy time other than a good movie is a good, simple craft. They'll sit and be able to have creative play as opposed to physical.

    Friday evening, when everyone was still in good health, we dined at the Lazy Dog Cafe. As a parting gift to the children, our server gave them a tiny container which held a handful of fruit loops and a string of licorice.


    With a wink and a smile she told the children to feel free to make their own dog collars when they arrived home.

    Needless to say when Saturday dawned and all were not well, I knew what we would be doing that afternoon.

    The children were happy to have something to do.


    Even the scallywag's little hands were easily able to string his fruit loops along his strand of licorice.


    And when all was said and done, there were two triumphant children with a completed craft, as well as a snack!

    Eldest was the only one who actually ate it.


    I thought about it as they napped, and wondered the other ways we could do the same activity. It's not necessary to use the sugary supplies we were given. You could use simple string and cherrios.

    Uncooked noodles and yarn.

    And if you want to use something else sweet, you could use the mini-fudge stripe cookies. They'd be a serious chocolaty mess, but sometimes a good craft needs to be really messy!

    It was nice to break up the monotony of our Saturday with an unexpected craft. Not only were the children happy to make their dog collars, they loved being able to have some good, quiet fun.

    Not that giggling and laughter is ever really quiet!

    Do you have anything you do when you or your children aren't feeling well?

    7 Responses to “
    Dog Collars

    Your Southern Peach said...

    You are a nicer momma than me!

    Usually, I park him in front of the TV with a Tupperware bowl. I do make him homemade noodle soup though.

    It's gotta count for something, right? :)

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Really is a great idea! I am thinking of it as an activity while waiting at a restaurant table, too.
    And from the educator perspective, it builds hand-eye coordination! :)

    Katie@Team Skelley said...

    My munchkins would love that!

    Truth be told, sick days at our house probably look more like Your Southern Peach's home. :) But I do buy them special sore throat lollipops and we might read more books.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Amy~Honey, you're a great Mom. I don't want you to think my bebes weren't in front of the TV quite a bit, because they were. But since they didn't have fevers and wanted to play this was the best option to make everyone happy. They played quietly at the table for a good half an hour. Oooh, that noodle soup sounds fabulous! With the cooler days already here it's bound to be on your menu, right? Share please?

    The Southern Lady said...

    Kerri~You're absolutely right. It keeps both the hands and mind occupied. Healthy or unwell it's a great activity! I hope you give it a whirl!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Katie~What a great idea! Sore throat lollipops are a great treat for the bebes~especially for my youngest. His colds always linger for some reason. Thanks for a great idea Mama!

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