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    Fall Loves

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    With the advent of Fall, there are many things our family savors. Every year a few new things pop up on our list of things to do, but there are others that remain constant. Shall I share a few?

    Well since you asked so nicely...I'm happy to!

    What We Love...

    Pumpkin Patches

    In Tokyo, pumpkin availability was limited, and we certainly didn't have patches to visit. We really, really missed it. Still, we made do with our over-priced gourds and welcomed Autumn with a simple, elegant vignette.


    The children cannot wait to head to the pumpkin patches next month. The scallywag gets to make two trips this year as Kolbe's Korner makes a special visit just for their wee classes. We are so, so excited!

    TT II



    I know it's au courrant to wear scarves year round. And as much as I like the cooling silks during the warmer months, who doesn't love the warm, sumptuous feel of a good scarf during the colder months?


    It's purpose is many. From adding a pop of color, a bit of comfort, or a touch of whimsy to your outfit, scarves are great accessories. Eldest agrees wholeheartedly, and enjoys pairing them with simple tee's on her school days...even when she's not quite awake.

    Any Pumpkin Food


    My daughter and best friend Ruth will tell you that I'm a bit of an addict. From pumpkin cheesecake ice cream to pumpkin cupcakes and pancakes, is there anything pumpkin can't improve?

    Pumpkin Cupcake 2


    Who doesn't love a good boot? The most comfortable I've ever worn are the taupe colored pair we purchased at Uniqlo in Tokyo. Not only are they super soft, they are very forgiving to my tootsies and all the time I spend on them.


    Above are the boots in a chocolate brown. They're really pretty. Unfortunately I think Uniqlo only sells shoes and boots in Japan. As fashion-forward as Japanese society is, it's not too surprising that they chose to launch there!

    Hot Chocolate

    It's a tradition my daughter and I share. We love making homemade hot chocolate together. Eldest enjoys the mixing, and I enjoy the chopping!


    Making hot chocolate from scratch is a little time consuming, but it always turns out to be super decadent. In other words: the effort is worth it. Eldest and I tend to inaugurate October by using Ina Garten's Hot Chocolate recipe.


    This year, however, we've been fortunate to find a hot chocolate mix (yes, a powder) that comes with toasted marshmallows. Toasted marshmallows y'all. Thank you Starbuck's for your incredibly yummy hot chocolate mix. It only takes moments to whip up, and as it's made with milk, still very rich.


    My suggestion, friends? Add homemade whipped cream to the top for that little something special!

    Little Somethings Extra Special

    ~I am so excited for October to hit and orange to be the color of the week at bebe's school. Darby of Fly Through Our Window has the sweetest tee's for your young ones to wear.


    And I cannot wait for the scallywag to wear his!



    We may have allergies, but for some reason we never react to the hayrides in Autumn. And isn't there something about a hayride that really brings it home that the cooler months are here? I tend to think so.


    My husband is an amazing cook. Phenomenal, even. I love it when he prepares a meal because I know we'll devour every last bite. My favorite of his dishes are his soups. This particular potato soup was remarkable. I can only hope we locate the recipe once we receive all of our belongings from Japan.




    No, not as food, but as accents for the season. Goodness, aren't they beautiful?

    Fall Arrangement

    They come in different shapes, colors, sizes. This children love looking over the different types available and picking their favorites each year. And then comes the decorating at Halloween!!

    Monogrammed Pumpkin

    Oooh, I am so excited that we're home in the good old US of A this year!

    Friends, I have only touched upon the many reasons why our family adores Fall. But if you need any more, try doing some of the things listed below on the Fall Bucket list.


    It may give you some things to look forward to in the lovely months ahead! Some you might do already, but why not try something new?

    Enjoy your day and take care. And as always, thank you for stopping by.

    6 Responses to “
    Fall Loves

    maria said...

    such a great fall post! It really is the best season, your list is so inspiring!

    Ruth said...

    hehe! And yet we still encourage this addiction. :)
    I am excited for the cooler temps and nights with hot cocoa and apple cider.

    Ally Garner said...

    Echoing Maria, this is a great Fall inspiration post! And I love that 'Q' pumpkin with the thumbtacks. Brilliant idea!

    I've never tried Starbucks' hot chocolate mix, but it looks yummy with the marshmallows added. Our fave is the Williams Sonoma mix. It comes in these cute canisters & is just rich chocolate shavings. So delicious!

    Hope the little Quons have a wonderful Fall back in America!

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Good evening, Southern Lady!
    I love your Fall selections. I have been toying with the idea of a Fall/Winter List similar to my "Summer List". I think it is a must, now!
    Also, I am with you on anything pumpkin! I hear it may be scarce this year so load up on the canned variety now.
    :) Kerri

    Amy R. said...

    FANTASTIC Fall post! You just listed all the wonderful things that the season has to offer. I think Fall is my favorite. I do not look forward to a cold Winter in KY so I will savor the flavors of Fall as long as I can. I fixed a pot pie yesterday because I was starting to crave something seasonal.

    Bink said...

    Oh, I just adore the pictures and I agree with you 1001%!

    Also, that monogrammed pumpkin? Pure freaking genuius!