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    Friday, September 2, 2011

    With the first September weekend upon us, everyone I know is all a-tizzy about the SEC football games. Outfits have been assembled, menus for tailgating prepared, and plans to meet up with old friends have been made.

    Tomorrow is a day we've all been looking forward to.

    I'm a rebel girl, so I, along with my Ole Miss family, will be cheering on our boys this weekend!


    We wish we could be there to enjoy the festivities with everyone. Since we can't, we'll enjoy it from our little apartment with delicious nibbles and loud cheers. Ole Miss has changed in some ways since we attended, and we've had our hearts hurt by some of them. But what we love so much about our school, the true traditions that lie within our hearts and mind, never will.

    And apparently alumni, attendees, and their families aren't the only ones who feel that way. Here's what Sports Illustrated had to say about our lovely university:

    “In Oxford lies, as promised, the most magical place on all of God's green, football playing Earth: the Grove. A school of red, white and blue tents swimming in a shaded 10-acre forest of oak trees, floating in an ocean of good will and even better manners. It seems that 97% of the world's most really really ridiculously good looking people go to Ole Miss.”


    I'll leave y'all with two of my favorite videos from Ole Miss. The first is the performance of "From Dixie with Love" as it was played our band in the Grove. The swells and drama of the brass section will give you chills.

    And the newest promo for our school. It's a beautifully made short that gets to the heart of what Ole Miss is to those who love it.

    Enjoy your football weekend, all, and have fun!

    Let the games begin.

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    Ruth said...

    HOTTY TODDY!! The Colonel was everywhere. The bear was in hiding. Our boys lost but we won the party as always. I miss spending time with you and the family in the Grove.

    The Little Southern {Market} said...

    Hope you can make it back for a game or two! Geaux SEC!