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    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    I love my children. I love my free time. The funny thing is, I spend alot of that free time thinking all about my children.

    Don't worry Husband, I think about you, too ;)

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have three hours that I can fill with uninterrupted errand running, bill paying, or even time to sit quietly with a cup of coffee.

    Funnily enough, I often spend the post-errand running/bill-paying time thinking about what my children are doing. Are they happy? Did they do something exciting? Was their snack or lunch delicious? Is there anything I need to get them for school tomorrow?

    I'm pretty sure this is normal for parents. Still, I'd love to share with you my thoughts from today.

    As I dropped Eldest off at school, I took a moment to consider how much she's grown, how independent she's become. The type of young lady she's turning into.


    She's a gentle-hearted girl, but it is a very large nad brave heart. Do you know many ten year olds who could live through a world-changing natural disaster, yet remain calm, helpful, and always ready to offer comfort?

    She handled the earthquake in Japan and the fallout with more poise than most adults.

    She adjusts to situations easily. In two years she's changed schools twice. But each time she's found her place, made friends quickly.

    She enjoys school.

    She enjoys everything about it. The lessons, the socializing, the teachers. Right now her favorite studies are Economics and English. She's been running in P.E. for 12-16 minutes at a time~and she doesn't take a break. My girl can run!

    She's not fond of the length she spends on her papers and homework these days, but she doesn't complain about the work too much. I believe she enjoys it. She has a genuine love of learning in her heart which I'm forever thankful for.

    I'm also thankful that her little brother seems to take after her in this respect.

    My sweet little scruffymuffin.


    I always thought he'd be my clinger. At home he is all about the snuggles and being held. But at school he has found a happy little niche. There have been no tears~not even on his first day. Every school day is greeted with a cheery disposition! He loves playing with his school friends, the excitement of his daily activities, and he's gotten so good at listening to his teachers.

    Did I mention he has no issues with sharing? Eldest can hardly believe it.

    The scallywag goes to a different seat in their circle every day, sits, puckers up for a kiss, and waves good-bye. Today he didn't even wait for me to walk him in. He ran in, grabbed his new seat, then said with a smile, "Love you, Mama. Go on now." So funny! I almost expected him to follow it up with a skedaddle. But I got lucky. Instead he followed it up with a kiss.

    He is the sweetest!

    At the end of his school days every day he waits until his name is called, then grabs his little Thomas backpack, and runs into my arms.

    Smiling. Happy. Jabbering all about his day. Next week he'll be making applesauce with his class! Can you imagine a more fun and messy activity for ten 3 year old's to partake in?

    I've recently been made Social Room Mother for his class, and as Eldest doesn't really have in-school activities for me to partake in anymore it is such a treat to be able to be deeply involved in a school once again.

    I suppose the conclusion I've come to as I've randomly jotted down my thoughts this morning is this: I love both my children and my free time. That time to myself allows me to really give good thought to who my children are, who they're becoming. I need moments like that. I don't want to miss little things about them or their days.

    Don't misunderstand and think that all I do is think about my bebes. Because I do have just "me" time. But there are many moments that I do just loose myself in thought, musing on my children. They're worth every moment.

    And I thought I'd share that with you all.

    A lovely evening to everyone, and thank you for stopping by!

    2 Responses to “
    My Bebes

    Bink said...

    I love this... I love this so much...

    You have some amazing kiddos but that is a direct result of the amazing momma you are. I just adore you, your encouragement, inspiration and gentle grace. You are just so lovely.

    Ruth said...

    They are two of the best kiddos I know. And I love them with my full heart.