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    An Outstanding Orientation

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Yesterday was a very big day!


    We were all very excited.


    The scallywag and I returned to Kolbe's Korner for his orientation.

    He was thrilled to be back on the familiar playground, and had no qualms about entering his classroom with the other children.

    As expected, though, he didn't want to talk with his teachers, Mrs. Camuccio and Ms. Koff. He ran right past them and went to the stations they'd set up around the room.


    His actions certainly weren't a reflection on his teachers. They are sweet and good as can be.

    Our little boy is pretty shy around adults he doesn't know, and tends to avoid them if he can. It's typical for his age, and not something I'm going to worry about too much. Having a healthy sense of stranger danger is a good thing. But I hope going to school will help him to be open to meeting new adults that his Mama and Daddy know and like.

    I can pray, right?

    He certainly didn't have any trouble getting along with the boys and girls in his class.


    He's used to playing with older children, and I wondered how he'd interact with the little ones his own age. He was such a sweetheart! He played very well with the other children, finding an instant friend in a little boy named John, and only had to be reminded to share once.


    Maybe it's a brother and sister thing, but it's quite a change from home. We always have to ask him to share with Eldest.

    For the most part all of the children played around as opposed to with one another, but this is to be expected.


    When they did talk to one another, everyone was very sweet and used good manners. There were no issues with sharing, and everyone played very nicely. They were all so cute!! I love this age.


    Of course, with parents present, gently encouraging their children to be on their best behavior, that's not too surprising. I'm sure they'll have their moments once they're on their own.

    For the most part, the hour of orientation allowed the children to wander through the room and play, as well as getting to see their fellow classmates.


    Parents were able to meet one another, and the children were so lost in their own enjoyment they barely noticed when they were on their own.

    This gives me hope for Tuesday!


    Realistically, I know my son will notice when I'm gone. He will cry. He may be inconsolable for a few minutes. And that just breaks my heart. It's good to be missed, and I certainly don't want my bebe to be sad, but school for the scallywag isn't just about him learning how to separate, socialize, and learn. It's also a time for the parents to adjust to the separation.

    It's been a very long time since I've had to send a child off on their first first day of school. Mrs. Camuccio knows that this is hard on both parents and children, and thoughtfully gave us a packet on what to expect in our children over the first few weeks of adjustment, as well as how we can prepare them for their days.

    It's always nice to have your child's teacher voice her thoughts on these important moments. It makes me feel even more certain that we found the right place for the scallywag to attend. It's a nurturing, faith-based environment, with teachers certified in early-childhood, small classes, and very involved parents.

    It's all we could have asked for!

    Orientation ended with a reading of "Biscuit Goes to School".


    The children sat on the floor, and this is where some of the them~including mine~lost their focus. A few of them wandered back to play, but Mrs. Camuccio told us not to worry. This is something they'll learn to do as the year progresses.

    We didn't leave right away, but stayed to play with a few of the other children from different classes. Can you tell the scallywag had a wonderful time?


    He had such a great orientation he took an extra-long nap that afternoon!

    We'll go to a special 9/11 Mass at Kolbe's Korner this Sunday to see everyone again, then Tuesday marks the scallywag's big day.

    We're hoping for a wonderful first day, and will spend the next few days praying for just that. A few extra ones from you all, dear friends, would be most appreciated.

    A lovely weekend to you all! Enjoy your football, friends, and pre-Fall weather.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    7 Responses to “
    An Outstanding Orientation

    Brandi Nell said...

    "the scallywag" is just precious. I am so glad to hear Orientation went well. I will keep him (AND YOU) in my prayers! Hope you have a fab weekend!

    Brandi Nell said...

    "The Scallywag" is just adorbs! So glad orientation went so well. I will keep him (and YOU) in my prayers! Hope you have a fab weekend, honey!

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    He's such a cutie, I love those little sneakers...

    Sounds like a fantastic intro to school!

    Suburban Princess said...

    Ooo those first couple of days will be hard...but I predict the 4th day will be fine :O) Mine actually punched the teacher in the face on the second day! I always tell him his fear will keep him alive ;o)

    And think of all the things you can accomplish with some free time! Wahoo!

    The Little Southern {Market} said...

    He looks precious in his smocked clothing! Glad he had a great first day.

    Kerri said...

    How wonderful! Congratulations on a great first day. Nothing is better than feeling confident about the place you are leaving your little one. :)

    Ruth said...

    I am glad orientation went well. I know he will do great.