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    A Scallywag Bedroom Daydream

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Life is still busy as can be!

    Eldest's school year is in full-swing, and my bebe's first first day is tomorrow. I still cannot believe this day has come.

    In the midst of these two big events we're still shopping for Husband's new car and a new home. More progress has been made with the car than housing situation, which is frustrating to say the least.

    But as we like to say these days, "One task at a time". It will get done. Things will fall into place as they should.

    There's only so much we can do, so we try to busy our days with work, necessary errands, considering fun trips on the weekends, and plans for the new home.

    Currently on my mind is the bedroom for our little artist.


    There's been a bit of discussion about his furniture. Or in this case, the serious lack thereof.

    He had pieces for his nursery in Charlotte~which we sold~and pieces we rented in Japan~which we purchased and for the most part, are planning to sell.

    If y'all are interested get in touch!

    The scallywag has never had furniture that wasn't someone else's first. It's a silly thing, I know, but I'm really excited to be able to get him some pieces of his very own. To save where we can I plan on using a mixture of things we already own, and hopefully, for the new items we can get them at a budget-friendly price!

    In my mind this is what I want to do in his room:


    The Dash & Albert rug is an inexpensive purchase, and as it's an indoor/outdoor material, clean-up's will be a snap. The green and white is such a refreshing palate for a little boy's room, don't you think? The plan for the scallywag's room is a twin bed (or two). This particular one from Pottery Barn Kids is handsome, traditional, and surprisingly, a very good price. I'm hoping to sell the twin beds from Tokyo so I can get a pair of these!

    Wouldn't they be simply sweet...


    wrapped up in these sheets and linens?

    The houndstooth fabric we already own, and would like to have made into simple duvet covers. The multi-colored polka dot sheets at the top are already being used in our temporary housing. They're from Target~as are the ones below it~and were a great price as they were Back to School specials. The blanket is a steal from Amazon and comes in an unexpected shade of turquoise. Such a colorful, soothing shade~I love it!

    It definitely puts the "fun" in functional.

    The one piece from the scallywag's room in Japan I cannot wait to get my hand's on is his bookcase. It's cubby-style, which provides a good bit of storage. You would know I can't find a picture of it anywhere, but the one below is similar in style. The main differences are that ours has rounded corners and the wood is very light.

    cubby bookshelf

    The bookcase is from a Japanese company and though the color isn't my favorite, we can paint it easily. A cosmetic fix like this would only take a day and a couple of dollars. Music to this Mama's ears! It's a great piece with very deep shelves, good height, and as we can attest, very sturdy.

    And if there's one thing we all know our little guy's furniture must be, it's sturdy. He is one bouncy, climbing boy!

    Beyond that I haven't really gotten very far~and I'm trying not too. There's a slight difficulty in planning out a room when you don't even have a room to work in! Who knows how big our rooms in our new home will be? They may be equitable to the ones we had in Tokyo, which were just fine, but I would love the children to have bigger bedrooms.

    We'll see! For now, I'm dreaming about the basics in our little boy's room, playing with patterns and colors, considering antique versus newly crafted twin beds. It's so much fun and does take my mind off of the things that are left to be done!

    Sometimes I get so excited I begin thinking about seating, a train table for his Thomas the Train toys, even art.


    The scallywag's own original masterpieces would be front and center, of course!

    Now that I've discussed my current daydream, tell me about yours. If you could have one piece of furniture for your own home~no matter the cost or what room it was for~what would it be?

    Have a lovely evening all and as always, thanks for stopping by. I'm off to prepare a delicious dinner for my two school bound bebes!


    4 Responses to “
    A Scallywag Bedroom Daydream

    Ruth said...

    VEry good ideas. The sheets remind me of what Susan has in the nursery.
    I had fun looking for ideas.

    Bink said...

    Love it! What an amazing, personal room you have in mind! I adore the houndstooth fabric!

    Barbecued Peaches said...

    I love that rug!

    I'm also itching to decorate...although not a child's room (yet!).

    Ally Garner said...

    I love the Pottery Barn bed for the little one and the polka dot sheets are adorable. He's going to love his new room!

    I've got my eye on 2 Louis XV chairs for our living room at the moment. They'll need reupholstering, but I've already picked out the fabric. The hunt is the best part!

    Blessings to the scallywag tomorrow. Hope he has a blast!