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    The Scallywag's First Day of School

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Friends, yesterday was THE DAY!

    Though you may think I am, I'm not referring to the huge Missoni unveiling at Target.

    Yesterday was the scallywag's first day of school! What a big day. I'm still amazed that it has come and gone already.


    Going to school brought a big change to the little guy's routine, so make sure he was as comfortable as could be, he wore his favorite shirt. Thomas always makes him happy, happy!

    I could have used something like that. There was some anxiety and sadness brewing within me. Sadness because I would miss my little one, and anxiety because I know him. It usually takes time for him to adjust to new situations.

    But wouldn't you know it? He was so excited to arrive at Kolbe's Korner he wouldn't slow down for a single picture!


    He and his special rolling-backpack moved up the walkway as fast as his little legs would take him.


    You could have knocked me over with a feather. I was elated! He was really happy to see the boys and girls from last week. Clearly at ease, he enjoyed all the toys and company of other little ones his own age.

    He was still a bit bashful with his teachers, but otherwise made himself right at home. Our silly boy had an assigned seat on the carpet...


    but decided he'd rather sit with his new friends John and Benedik. The stinker!


    Thankfully, the teachers were very understanding. They know this first week is all about the children finding their comfort zones.

    Grabbing a coffee in an adjoining room with a few of the other mom's, we commiserated as the clasroom doors closed and our children's first day began.

    The parents within our new school/church community have been very kind and welcoming. It's been a real treat to meet some mother's in our community.


    Each of us kept glancing at the doors to the classroom. We were all expecting crying children to pour out any moment.

    But it never happened.

    There were a few little one's who were upset, but would you believe my son was not one of them? He was having the best time!


    He played with the bouncy balls, rode on bikes, he even chased after bubbles. The rickshaw~esque bike was a particular favorite.


    Seeing him both content and occupied, I chose that moment to leave. It was hard getting into my car and driving away, but I knew my son was in a good place. I cannot tell you what comfort that brings to a mother's mind and heart!

    Two hours later I returned to find out that even after I left, the scallywag did just fine. He asked for me a few times, but he never fussed, and quickly became distracted with their daily activities.

    Yesterday his class sang "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and painted an apple! I cannot wait to see his first piece of school art. He had just enough red paint on his shirt to let me know he thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

    That made my heart very happy.

    This is a special time for my little boy. I am so excited that his first day went well. We're overjoyed that he was both comfortable and happy to be there! You just never know. Even the most confident of children don't like the separation that comes with school. And on the flip side, those who have never really been away from their parents can do well in a new environment. Children can surprise you. Goodness knows the scallywag surprised me!

    He was obviously ready.

    Since he did so well, we headed to Pinkberry for a yogurt treat with Eldest.


    He was pretty entranced by his new Thomas toy, but he perked up when Eldest came back with her cup filled to the brim with chocolaty goodness.


    Lord be. Tell me why I ordered the original again? Eldest really has a gift with dressing up her yogurt.

    And the scallywag has had the gift of a wonderful first day at school.

    As a Mother I couldn't have asked for more.

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support as we approahced yesterday. It meant to world to us!

    My best to you all...Have a lovely day!

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    The Scallywag's First Day of School

    Your Southern Peach said...

    Oh how sweet! He looks so excited and completely comfortable with his new school.

    You look so pretty too and we also love our Pinkberry dates after a long week of fun and learning. I must try the chocolate too :)

    Glad it went well for the little guy!


    Ally Garner said...

    I'm not a Mom so I don't know if all preschools hold an orientation day prior to the start of school, but that was brilliant. Looks like the scallywag was thrilled to be at his new school since he was already familiar with his teachers & friends. That's wonderful! I'm slightly jealous - his day sounds wonderful :)

    Suburban Princess said...

    Yay! I am so glad it went well!

    daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

    Awe, he looked precious with his rolling backpack!

    So glad to hear that all went well, that's awesome. I know the anxiety-so well. May I tell you that it doesn't get better, lol. (even in high school!!!)

    Have a blessed evening-

    Beth said...

    I'm glad to read the first day went well. I have a three-year-old that goes to daycare. They made a big deal of promoting her to the "big kids" class and I stressed myself out. I'm not even sure why. But I'm writing all of that to say, it so hard on the moms. We want our babies to be happy and learn...but letting go is tough.

    I think I need to treat myself to Pinkberry, as well! :)

    Ruth said...

    Mama might have had some doubts but Auntie Ruth never did. Glad he had such a wonderful time and I hope he does all year.
    Loving the yogurt.

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    SO thankful he has a wonderful place to go that you can feel confident in! What a great program in that they allow you the opportunity to mingle and wait on the first morning. It is the little things like that which let you know they have your child's best interests at heart. I pray the year just gets better and better!