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    The Social

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    This is how Eldest's bed looked yesterday.


    No, it's not the norm. This was Eldest's outfit planning board. But why, you may be wondering, was she planning out an outfit?

    Because tonight, on the first Eve of Autumn, Eldest will attend her first Social!

    Now that she's in Middle School they'll happen regularly, and as she and her classmates are only in sixth grade, it's from 3:30-5.

    The dress is casual school wear.

    She wondered what that meant exactly.


    After all, isn't all school wear casual?

    Truth be told, I'm probably more excited about this rite of passage than she is. I remember my Middle School days, and how much fun we had getting together outside of school for these specific events. In New Orleans we had Miggy's, Ice Breakers, and Eight O'Clocks~social groups for the Private Schools.

    But Eldest has always had boys as friends and she doesn't get giggly about these type of gatherings. To her it's just another opportunity to spend time with her friends. This makes her happy.


    Besides, at this age that's all it should be.

    Hanging out.

    She does talk to me about the "boy-crazy" girls in her class, but Eldest is still at a point where she thinks it's just weird.

    That's fine with me.

    She'll have nice, late afternoon get-together with her friends, and without the worry of classwork or completing assignments looming over them, they'll all have a great chance to hang out, eat, and talk.

    And that's how we're treating the entire event.


    Of course, as I write this, I'll confess that I've never seen my daughter tear through her closet like she was doing last night.

    She declared she was exhausted after it all, and had to take a break from the clothing insanity.


    But after a few moments, and eyeing various combinations of tops with bottoms, as well as going through varying degrees of dissatisfaction, she found an outfit that left her looking pleased as punch!


    We had quite a few laughs while trying to figure out what went best with what. It was a joy to shop in Eldest's closet with her, helping to plan her casual social wear.

    Now are you ready for my sweet girl's reveal? From the tip of her head,


    to the bottom of her cute black flats,


    she is happy with her ensemble for tonight's Social!





    Now all that's left is for the fun to begin!

    A lovely Fall weekend to you all~I'll let you know how everything goes tonight.

    9 Responses to “
    The Social

    Julie said...

    OK generally I'm kind of insulated from feeling overwhelmed by how mature she's getting because Mr. G has gotten to be so gigantic.


    OMG I can't believe your sweet baby is so grownnnnn uppppppp.

    Wow. It's really amazing. And what an elegant young lady to boot.

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    Awww...so lovely!

    Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

    Such an exciting time for your girl! My first event like this was a 7th grade dance...not formal but just a casual thing after the homecoming game. Oh the memories! I'm glad you're documenting it all and I'm sure she will be one day too! :)

    Beth said...

    Cute outfit choice! She seemed to handle the decision without major drama -- that's a good thing! Hope she has fun!

    Katie said...

    Awww, how exciting!

    Suburban Princess said...

    Gosh we didnt have anything like this! I think I was in grade 9 before we had a dance to go to!

    She looks beautiful and I am sure will have a great time!

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh how fun! I've said it before, but it bares repeating - your young lady has such great style and it so very pretty. I hope she has a blast with her friends!

    I still remember my first social dance in 6th grade. We had an old-fashioned sock-hop like the ones our parents attended, poodle skirts and all. Can't wait to hear all about M's event!

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    She is so lovely! I have a suspicion this is the first of many, many, many, nights like these. :)

    Ruth said...

    I am glad she is not boy crazy yet. I hope my niece had a blast last night. Loving the outfit.