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    St. Max's

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Back to school is a crazy time for everyone. Parents are racing to return forms and purchase supplies and uniforms, children are trying to get their books and plan for their after school activities.

    Our family was no exception, although I think ours was a situation made more complicated by the location of the original temporary housing. Thankfully all worked out, and Eldest is enjoying her new school.

    Now that she's settled in, we've been working down our list of tasks, the seoncd being locating the right school for the scallywag. It's time for my bebe, my companion of three years, to toddle off to school. And though it's been hard for me to begin this process all over again, it was made easier as we knew exactly where our little one would be heading:

    St. Maximillian Kolbe's.


    Isn't it a gorgeous sight? The pre-school and early childhood classrooms are attached to our new church by the labyrinth, and the entire program, as well as the school, are exactly what we prayed for.


    St. Max's doesn't go above Kindergarten, so the name given to the program is Kolbe's Korner.


    Classes are held twice a week for three hours, with time to play and little stations within the room for them to learn. They'll cover art, science, music, and participate in little visits to the Church. While there will be numerous enrichment activities such as pumpkin patch visits, letters with Santa, and visits with local law enforcement, the teachers will use class time to reinforce the basics as well as working on communication, listening skills, and sharing.

    It sounds like so much, but it's well spaced out for the children.

    There are also numerous opportunities for parents to participate. This really, really made me happy.

    When we lived in Charlotte, I was fortunate enough to be elected VP of Academics and Cultural Committee Chair at Eldest's school. So can you guess who signed up for everything at last night's orientation?

    I loved all the years I was able to be with Eldest at St. Patrick's. It was always the highlight of my day. Being able to be there with her, getting to know the teachers, her friends and their parents, helping to nurture and enrich the lives of the children...The best memories were made during those times. And it was a joy to watch Eldest grow with her friends.

    It's been a year since I was able to be hands on in one of my children's schools, so I cannot wait for our first class party or fundraising opportunity.

    Tomorrow is my little boy's orientation with his teachers, Mrs. Camuccio and Ms. Koff. He'll meet his new classmates and together we'll spend the hour getting acquainted with the classroom and the people he'll be spending his time with over this next year.

    Due to a miscommunication we thought his orientation was yesterday so we took pictures...





    Then arrived at Kolbe's Korner only to realize the mistake. We had a good laugh about it, and the little guy had fun playing while I talked with one of the ladies running the program.


    No harm done, and I was able to turn in some paperwork.

    We'll take more pictures tomorrow when the scallywag heads to his true orientation, then we'll prepare for his first full day next Tuesday.

    Oh, my heart!

    It's going to be an exciting time for our little one, and as much as I will miss him he is going to have a wonderful time making friends and learning new things through play.

    I guess the next thing to do will be figuring out what to do with those three available hours in the day. House hunting? Yoga classes? Knitting? Trying out new recipes?

    What would you do with three hours of free time?

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    St. Max's

    Bella Michelle said...

    He is so precious!!! How exciting for you all! I loved the preschool years so very much. My daughter, who is in college, still says preschool was best.

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    Aww love his smocked outfit, he looks ready to jump right into his preschool year!

    I have to tell you -- we were visiting friends in Charlotte and they took us to Monkey Joe's and I KNEW I had heard of it, but had no idea from where.

    Then I remembered -- your blog from years ago!

    Katie@Team Skelley said...

    I do a variety of things- most of them non-kid friendly, like errands to Lowes and Dr. appts. Lately, I have been writing articles and working in the yard. It's funny, you think that you will use the free time to relax and reboot, but I don't! I will admit, today I did do a little shoe shopping. :D

    A great preschool is such a huge blessing and this looks like a lovely one!

    Heather said...

    Target and Starbucks is my favorite way to spend the time.

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh my what a beautiful church & preschool for the little scallywag to attend. I'm so happy you all found a church home as well! Those pictures are so beautiful and my fave is of the children together. That just stole my heart!

    Blessings to the little one and to you too Mom on your first days without him.

    Amy R. said...

    Sweet pics, no matter which day it was:) This is an exciting time. Blessings to you and your lovely family Elizabeth:)

    Suburban Princess said...

    I started mine at 1.5 yo for a few mornings a week. It's my sanity time! If hubby is home we can actually have an adult, uninterrupted conversation!

    Ruth said...

    You know me I would go with napping. But i am sure you will find a way to be constructive.
    I love the look of the school. and can't wait to see it in person.

    Kerri said...

    Enjoy your time! I always feel something akin to "naked" on the rare occasions when I am home without the boys. Hope your mornings are sweet! :)