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    Hello All!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Though it seems I've fallen off the face of the Earth, this is not the case.

    Settling into our new home has taken up much more time than I anticipated, and between the children's two schools, getting our A/C repaired, and enjoying an evening out with visiting family, life has been super busy.


    Until this past week no one had even given a thought to Halloween. This is completely unlike us, as we revel in Holidays. But with all the back and forth and most Holiday goodies still in Charlotte, we've been remiss.

    This said, we've been taking steps to make amends for our lack of celebrations. From delighting in these delectable mini-pumpkin cakes with cream cheese frosting,


    to admiring potential pumpkins at our grocers,


    we've been making up for lost time. We're even taking a trip to our local pumpkin patch for fun and pumpkin picking tomorrow.

    Until then, take a look at the progress we've made in our home! As it's what has been keeping me away, the least I can do is give you a wee glimpse. It's been a gradual process, but so far we're happy with how things are pulling together.



    We're enjoying the daily view of the mountains from our windows,


    preparing meals with some lovely new cookware,


    and anxiously awaiting the hardware to our bookcases that were lost in the unpacking process. Right now all surfaces in Husband's office look like this:


    God bless.

    Friends, I cannot wait to get back in touch with all of you in the Twitterverse, the Blogosphere, and Facebook. It's been a mad couple of weeks and I for one am looking forward to some down time so I can catch up with you!

    Take care and enjoy your week.

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    Hello All!

    Ally Garner said...

    Your beautiful new house is becoming a very beautiful home. I'm especially taken with that lovely painting over your mantle! And the views? WOW.

    I don't know if you follow Edie Wadsworth's popular blog "Life In Grace," but her family just moved into their rebuilt home and she posted this prayer the other day that I wanted to pass along to you: http://is.gd/362JKO

    So thrilled for you all to be settling in and enjoying your new space! Many blessings to the Quon family always :)

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thanks so much, Ally! Would you believe the art over the mantle is actually a lime tree picture from IKEA? It used to hang in our master in Tokyo, but it fit right over the mantel so well!

    Thank you for the prayer link, btw. A prayer for a new home is always welcome!

    Take care and have a lovely evening...

    Ruth said...

    I love the shots of the house. I am glad you are getting settled in. And I am so jealous of the new cookware