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    Moving In

    Thursday, October 6, 2011

    Good Lord am I tired.

    Yesterday was fantastic, friends, and it's all due to 150 boxes and the three men who proclaimed themselves "The Three Amigos".


    That's right! Yesterday, despite experiencing a winter storm (yes, a winter storm), we had our possessions from Tokyo delivered to the new house.


    It was such an exciting day! Both myself and the scallywag spent the day at the house doing what we could to make the process easier on our movers, and as rooms came together, despite the great messes, we could see our home taking shape.

    A part of me feels ridiculous even mentioning my fatigue, though. I didn't do the unloading, unpacking, or assembling. I certainly didn't do the trash collecting either. Our movers were gracious enough to do that.

    But for almost ten hours straight I was trying to keep up with the scallywag (who didn't take a nap).


    I was running around cleaning and moving things behind the movers. My eyes were constantly searching for the box numbers on our check lists, and my stomach lurched when the movers told me they couldn't find the legs to our sofa.

    They found them in one of the last boxes...naturally.

    I figure that even though I may not have been a "heavy-lifter", I certainly had enough going on to leave me feeling completely tuckered out.


    And there are still miles to go...



    Goodness knows I wouldn't have it any other way. The whole moving process is exhausting, but it feels so good to know our temporary housing days are at an end. To have a house is a blessing, and making into a home even moreso.

    We are all ready to move in this weekend, and I'm doing my darndest to make sure all bedrooms are cleaned and organized. This way allergies (for bebe) aren't an issue and neither is clutter.

    The living areas, on the other hand, are going to take a little while.

    Why not let everyone pitch in & help out?

    I'm sure our little contortionist would be happy to help drag things from room to room.


    Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support during this time. It was a stressful road getting to this point, but each of your words lifted our spirits and hearts. We can't tell you how grateful we are for your kindness.

    A lovely Thursday to you all, and as always, thank you for stopping by.

    4 Responses to “
    Moving In

    JMW said...

    Hope you are coping with the move and many changes. From what I can see, your house looks beautiful. Wonderful light coming through those windows. Best of luck to you as you and your family make your new house a home. :)

    Katie said...

    Those floors are to die for! I am glad that everything arrived safe and sound. Now comes the fun part- arranging everything! :D

    Bella Michelle said...

    As one who has had to do this more times that I would like to count, I can attest that it is much sweeter after a "temporary housing" situation! I hope you are getting settled and your new home looks lovely! May it be the backdrop for wonderful memories.

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    I am tied just looking at these and thinking about moving! :) I am so excited to get to share in your adventure as you make this house your home. I am amazed at your ability to keep everything together so well - you are a busy Mom! :)