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    Our New Home

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    This weekend we will make our move from temporary housing and into our new home! We're all so excited.

    I may have mentioned that securing this home wasn't easy, and believe me, that wasn't an exaggeration. The first day our Agent took me to look at potential homes, my spirits were a little low. We saw some homes with promise, but we also saw some that were just plain horrendous. Given what I saw, I was worried that we wouldn't find a permanent home in enough time.

    Temporary housing would only be covered by Husband's firm for 90 days, and we've lived in said housing for over half that time already.

    We could hear a clock ticking in the back of our minds daily.

    But in a moment of true serendipity, at the end of the home tours our Agent pulled out a sheet of paper. Pausing, she looked at me, looked at the clock, the put the question to me.

    "There's a house that just came on the market this morning. It's in your price range, and it's near our current location. Is it too close to pick-up time at your daughter's school to see it?"

    It wasn't, and not wanting to rule out any potential homes, I told her we should definitely go. We pulled up in front, and I knew the moment I put our car into park that this was our home. Walking through each room only reinforced my initial reaction.

    And the rest, as they say, was history.

    We made the offer that day, and a week later~with millions of papers signed and many hoops jumped through~we had our home.

    The biggest part of the challenge? Husband was out of town the entire time. You can only imagine how fun that was for us, and it was an incredible leap of faith for Husband to sign papers for a home he'd never seen.

    But I think it all paid off!

    Now come with me on a little tour of our new home in Oak Park.


    Built in 1976, our home was a flip. The home was half this size a few years ago, until someone came along, gutted it, and rebuilt the entire home with the purpose of entertaining in mind. It's a very open floor plan with most of the square footage in the living spaces.


    When you first approach, you'll notice a lovely landscaped path lined with lamps for night time...


    and a very generous & beautifully tiled front stoop.


    Don't be fooled by the first picture, the entire front walk is actually pretty long!


    It enters into our main living area, which as you can see, has a large stone fireplace flanked by two windows. The natural light pouring in is gorgeous! The entire room just glows from sun up to sunset.


    The living room is very large and allows you to enter into the kitchen and hearth room,


    or if you turn in the opposite direction, down the hallway which leads you to the bedrooms. Ah! All of these empty walls are begging to have a gallery of some sort. Black and whites, perhaps, or maybe the art work done by the children? Maybe even the oil paintings we picked up while travelling in Beijing and Hong Kong! The possibilities are endless, but they make my heart pitter-patter with excitement.


    The kitchen is also an area we are super excited to use! And though we've yet to install our new fridge (which has yet to be purchased), we're already planning meals and dinner parties.

    Here are a few of the elements that make up the kitchen and living areas. Obviously the Viking appliances were a major squeal factor when first checking out the house. Becuase as those who know my husband are aware, the man enjoys cooking. And someone who is as good at what he does as he is should have a kitchen this nice to work in.


    The cabinets were custom built for the area by Kraft Maid, and have shelves that spin, pull out, and do all that fun, fancy stuff that make us go crazy. The cabinets are a beautiful compliment to the travertine tiles on the floor.


    There are smaller travertine tiles used for the back splash, and stained concrete that is not only used for the counter tops, but for the bar area that extends into the hearth and dining rooms.


    The hearth room leads outside to a nicely landscaped yard. We're fortunate that the house comes with a gardener because I do not know a thing about half the plants growing behind our home. Plum trees, rose bushes, fresh mint, and other various plants~some of which you don't find in the South~require attention and knowledge that I hope to gain as our gardener works.




    They're certainly beautiful, and give our yard privacy as well as shade~something very important when you have two young children. The wrought iron fence and gate don't hurt either.

    The shade from the trees extend around the living area and the sleeping areas. So let's visit that part of the house now.

    We'll start back in the hallway off of the living room...


    To the left are two very large closets, one for coats, jackets, & bags, and the other for storage. At the end of the hall is the master bedroom~and it's just perfect!


    It's nice and large, with roses that always tap against the windows from the outside. We can look into the garden and see the children as well as the lovely greens. It's very picturesque.

    Our closet also has custom built-in's, and beside it is the master bath. I won't tap-dance around this truth: it's small. Small, but every inch is used wisely. From the pedestal sink,


    to the beautiful flooring,


    to the spacious shower with rainforest shower head and spa tub, the space is very well-equipped.


    So is the bathroom belonging to the children. It's perfect for the two of them as well as our guests.

    If you head from the master bedroom down another hallway, you'll find a linen folding area to the right, and then the second full bath.


    Eldest is so ready to enjoy that rainforest shower!

    The detail in every room of our new home is remarkable, but the children's bathroom is really something special. From the pale, celadon tile on the walls, to the individual sinks, to the antique knobs in the bathtub, this room showed extra care. I suspect the person who flipped the house imagined what he'd want in a bathroom for his own children.




    Isn't it just lovely? We do need to get the scallywag a step-stool so he can reach the sink, but I think he's going to enjoy his bath times in this room!


    And when they're done with their respective baths and showers, the children can go to one of the three bedrooms at the front of the house. They still haven't chosen which ones they want, but isn't this part of the fun? They're just happy to have their own rooms again.

    Have I mentioned that the children have been sharing a room for almost two months?


    God bless, they've been great about it and there hasn't been any real complaining. I'm even willing to bet that they'll miss one another once they're in their own rooms once again.

    But as they are such different ages and not the same gender, they need their own spaces.


    The rooms are all perfect squares with nice, deep closets for clothes and whatnot's. They're a good size, also; not too small, not too big. They're just the right size for our children.

    In fact, each room is the right size for all of us. We're thrilled with our new home!

    We made do with smaller spaces while living in Japan, and found we actually liked it. It had alot to do with the layout, but through it all we learned how to live~and love living~in a smaller space.

    Our new home certainly isn't that small, but when we searched for a home, we acknolwedged that a smaller home was what would suit our needs best.

    And to have found something almost custom tailored to our personal likes as well as needs...well...I did say it was a moment of serendipity, didn't I?

    This house was meant to be!


    And though our belongings don't arrive until Wdnesday, some of us are alreayd making ourselves right at home.

    After all, there is no place like it.

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    Our New Home

    Brandi Nell said...

    Oh my! What a beautiful home! I am so happy for you and your family! Can't wait to see how you decorate it!

    maria said...

    WOW its amazing!! congrats so exciting...can't wait to see how you fill those gorgeous spaces!

    Ruth said...

    I love it!!! I can't wait to see the touches you put on it.

    davesanngel said...

    It's gorgeous! I am very excited to see what it looks like when you've given it a dash of your personal style! So happy you found this gem of a place.

    Beth said...

    Thanks for the tour! Looks like a great place to call home. Congratulations!

    PaulaBuhrer said...

    Congratulations! What a find. :) ! :)

    burningitdown said...

    The house looks delightful! Congrats!!

    Emily said...

    Oh my! This is simply beautiful! I love the kitchen, the coloring, and the bathrooms- very very pretty! Congrats :)

    Mrs. Fab said...

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! It looks like you have found yourself a beautiful new home. I look forward to seeing how your family makes it your own.