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    Primary Colors: Yellow

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    As evident by what the scallywag was wearing, the color at school this week was the primary color yellow.


    I'm pretty sure if my son was a color, this would be him! He's such an energetic, joyful child.

    Bebe was as bright as the brilliant canary sun on Tuesday~even with the chilly temperature.


    It's already time to layer shirts, friends! What a change from everywhere else we've lived.

    Here are a few of the things the children did in class this week: they separated yellow bears from orange ones, finger painted with yellow paint, read a book about freight trains, made their yellow pages with their cut-outs, and played musical instruments.

    The scallywag is always so happy to go to school, and tells me about his favorite parts of the day every Tuesday & Thursday.

    I'll tell you something, though. Even though my little guy has been as cheery as his yellow shirts, his week hasn't been quite as stellar.


    He's been behaving well~having a ball, in fact. But he hasn't wanted to do this weeks art projects.

    The teachers don't mind. He's not the only one, and they don't like to force these things. I guess I'm a little sad because his little masterpieces are things I look forward to, and I'm not sure why he doesn't want to do them.

    He enjoys drawing, and finger painting is right up his alley.

    I suspect part of it has to do with the fact that he has to do some of the work with his teachers and he hasn't fully warmed up to them yet.

    School is still so new to him. Going two days a week for three weeks doesn't make him a pro, but he's certainly happy to be there with his friends, playing and learning. These are things I'm grateful for.

    He's made a pretty good transition and I'm very proud of him.

    In time he'll warm up, I know this, and there are still plenty of art projects for him to do over the next couple of years.


    I'm going to try & not dwell on this. Instead, my focus will be on these things: the fun that he's having, the lessons he's learning, the friends he's making, the fact that he's being taught a little more about his Faith.

    Every child is different as they adjust to school, and as I know my little guy can be stubborn, I knew it would take him time to open up to his teachers.

    They're not concerned, so I'll focus my attention on the bigger picture. Overall, the school experience has been a wonderful one~Tuesdays & Thursdays are always greeted with real excitement. The love for school is there, and in time everything else will fall into place.

    Until then we'll simply enjoy all the sunny moments our little guy is soaking in.

    A lovely weekend to you, friends, and may you all have many a sunny moment with those you love.

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    Primary Colors: Yellow

    Ruth said...

    I am sure it is because he has other things keeping him busy like the toys. Then again he could just be like Aunt ruth and not into art projects

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    SO precious! We are still suffering the school transition at Casa de Mann... all I can say is SIGH...