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    Simply Southern Saturdays: Bedside Manner Makes All the Difference

    Saturday, October 15, 2011


    They may do wonders for our smiles and can be the nicest people, but I don't know anyone who looks forward to visiting them.

    We're very blessed that we found an truly amazing one in Oak Park. She's just five minutes from our home, and yesterday was the first time I could recall being so glad to have one.

    Dr. Velarde has a wonderful family practice. She came highly reccommended by quite a few parents, some of whom had been seeing her for over 15 years. And with her warm bedside manner, I knew she was the right dentist for us when Eldest began complaining about pain in her mouth.


    It seems one of her permanent molars had pushed the baby one to the side of her gum and every time she would take a bite of something, the part of the tooth that was loose would cut back into her gum.


    Dr. Velarde was amazing with Eldest.


    She was congenial and compassionate, making my sweet girl very comfortable. You could even hear her laughter throughout the office!


    The scallywag had a good time exploring the office while his sister was in Dr. Velarde's chair. He played with his trains,


    and a giant colorful abacus.


    It kept him very well preoccupied while Eldest's other teeth were examined.


    Afterwards, the news that came back from our Doctor wasn't entirely unexpected, but Eldest was a little uneasy nontheless.

    Her tooth had to be extraced.

    But wouldn't you know it? With a combination of Eldest's bravery and Doctor Velarde's gentleness, the entire proceedure went smoothly and without any discomfort.

    Eldest didn't even flinch when her gums received two shots to numb it.


    They were given a good amount of time to numb while her teeth were cleaned, and as the molar was already loose the pliers had to do only a little work.


    A little pink box held the offending tooth after all was said and done, Eldest's teeth were proclaimed very healthy and in good shape, and we were headed to Pinkberry for a post-extraction treat to help soothe her sore gum.

    I'm happy to report that Eldest only had a little achiness after the procedure, and that was due to the anesthetic wearing off. She was able to eat with the rest of our family when we went out to dinner and was in good spirits for the evening.

    Unfortunately the story won't end here. On an x-ray it was revealed that Eldest has a severely impacted permanent eye-tooth. This means we're off to the Orthodontist next week to see what our options are to get this resolved.

    I'll let y'all know how things proceed. In the mean time, a few prayers for my daughter would be appreciated.

    Have a wonderful weekend all. I'm planning on getting a few things to make our home seem a little more Fall-ish, then with my family settle further into our new home. We're so happy to have a place to call our own!

    Take care all!

    3 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Saturdays: Bedside Manner Makes All the Difference

    Suburban Princess said...

    Oh I hate the dentist! I keep putting it off but seeing this made me remember I really need to make an appt soon!

    I hope everything goes well at the ortho!

    Ruth said...

    She is a brave girl. But she gets that from her wonderful parents

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Bless her heart!!! So glad you found a wonderful Dentist to do the deed.