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    Simply Southern Saturdays: A Halloween Carnival in Black & White

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    I love Fall festivals. There's always an excitement in the atmosphere, a fervor sweeping the crowd. Perhaps it's the delectable foods, the stomach-churning rides, the ideal weather for outdoor carousing. It could even be the crowd watching.

    Whatever the reason, it's a thoroughly fun and crazy time.

    Friday evening was Eldest's Halloween Carnival. And though it was a drop-off event where parents didn't really linger, the scallywag and I had to go along with her as my Husband, a volunteer at one of the booths, was running late.

    Despite her earlier proclamations of "I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!", even Eldest was stunned by the costumes that greeted us.


    Of course, it didn't last long.

    Eldest ran off with her friends, all of whom were dolled up in costumes that delighted and frightened, while the scallywag nibbled on a proffered brownie.


    We waited for Husband to arrive, taking in the sights and sounds of Halloween. There were shrieks of laughter, blood-curdling games, and enough visual treats to last us until the actual All Hallows Eve!

    Together the scallywag and I saw several ghostly visions,


    brutal-looking pirates,


    scary clowns,


    and happy hippies.


    Once Husband arrived, the scallywag and I left (he's still sniffly), but we were glad to get a little glimpse into the middle school fun and shenanigans. Everyone was in good spirits, and more than ever I knew that Colina had been the right choice for Eldest.

    That is indeed the sweetest Halloween treat I could ask for.

    A lovely weekend to you all!!

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    Simply Southern Saturdays: A Halloween Carnival in Black & White

    Your Southern Peach said...

    Glad you all are enjoying this festive time of year in your new hometown!!

    Ruth said...

    Glad y'all got to enjoy it for a bit.