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    A Beautiful Day

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    With my parents safely back in New Orleans, our home is quieter. It seems like such a strange thing to say, but it's true. Even with our two children there is a noticable difference within our house.

    It was a wonderful month with my mother, and a greater week once Daddy joined us. Thanksgiving was a feast for the stomach, heart, and soul, but the day after? Undoubtedly the best.


    We don't participate in Black Friday. We never have, and I doubt we ever will. But with the gorgeous & cool California weather, we had to take my parents on a coastal tour by way of the P.C.H. (also known as the Pacific Coast Highway).

    We drove 15 minutes from our home to Malibu. There was so much beautiful ocean to see, grand homes to observe. Mother and Daddy couldn't stop marvelling over the views~and neither could we.

    It's pretty cool to have a place that beautiful so close.

    We continued on to Santa Monica, and to the iconic Santa Monica Pier.


    We parked so we could walk around and enjoy the scenery. It was fairly early, and at times we almost felt as if the Pier was ours alone.


    I'm not sure what was better: sharing this moment with family, the fresh, salty air, or the people watching.




    I know a few people who would argue that the best part were the fabulous, home-made burgers at Pier Burger.


    They were spectacular.


    Everything was freshly made in their little stand and you could tell with each and every bite. The scallywag was so excited by fries he kissed his Daddy in thanks!


    As good as the Pier Burgers were, however, the best dishes were yet to come!

    We were taking my parents into Hollywood to see the Farmer's Market at The Grove. Isn't it already looking Holiday ready?


    The Grove is a "must-see" place when in Los Angeles. If not for the shopping, then for the infinite stands of food that are made daily and served with panache. Your menu will be varied: Indian, Mylasian, Spanish, English, Greek, American, Mexican...the list goes on and on.


    Every single item you eat will send you into culinary heaven! It may not be friendly on your hips, but your eyes and stomach will thank you.

    We sat at our table for quite a while. We took turns nibbling, watching people, and in Edlest's case, reading. All of our appetite's were satisfied.


    We had a hearty sampling of several booths, and ended our day out by grabbing Bob's donuts for our next breakfast.


    It was the best outing. Good food, beautiful weather, and the most wonderful company a gal could ask for. There are times when you may be asked about the best day you ever had, and if someone were to ask me, this day would come to mind right away.

    I miss my parents terribly right now. We all do. Christmas cannot come fast enough, but we have many memories to tide us over until we see each other again.

    We also have the Holidays to prepare for!

    Come back this week for these fun and delicious treats: our family's hot buttered rum recipe, preparing for Christmas around the house, and a simple, but fun craft for your children to partake in as they welcome in Christmas.

    5 Responses to “
    A Beautiful Day

    Ruth said...

    Looks like a blast. So do you have your Christmas plans made?

    Ally Garner said...

    How apropos is it that the Ole Miss Quon family has found themselves a "Grove" in California! :)

    I've always wanted to visit the Santa Monica pier - what a great day y'all had together. That's what is so wonderful about the Holidays!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Ruth, it was a wonderful day! Everyone was completely tuckered out afterwards. We may have a California Christmas this year since Shannon is buying his new car this month. It's a bittersweet decision, but we'll enjoy the happiness that comes along withe the sacrifice. Love you!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Ally! Honey, we thought the exact same thing. Isn't it fitting that we have two favorite Groves? If you're even in our neck of the woods, I'd be delighted to take you around~even to the Pier for a delectable burger. We can run it off later ;)

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    What a beautiful day! That burger and fries looks amazing!!