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    Carefree Moments

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    This post is a reminder to myself of the carefree moments, the fun times we spend together as a family.



    Because in between the schedules, doctors appointments, the hectic days, and the sometimes crazier weekends, they do happen. And I love them. We all do.


    On Friday we spent the morning at Oak Canyon's community park. It's a beautiful sea of rolling, landscaped hills, and well-maintained playgrounds.


    It was perfect for a class play date, and a great way to begin our weekend. The activity may have been scheduled for my wee son and his friends, but it was most important to me that Eldest really enjoy the day.


    While Mother sketched,


    and the scallywag played,


    I watched as Eldest ran, swung, and climbed. As our children get older, they don't have as much free time as we'd like. It's important to make sure they have these moments of frivolous fun...


    Especially if they have a rough week ahead of them.

    My car arrives in L.A. on Monday, as do all of our belongings from Charlotte. But Monday also marks the day Eldest receives her expander.


    In case you're not up to date with your braces lingo, an expander is a device that is affixed to the upper back molars. It gradually pushes the upper jaw further out in the back~expanding it so teeth have room to straighten out. It will also fill the spaces you see in the corners of a persons mouth when they smile.

    Then on Thursday, when she would be taking her Math midterm, she'll undergo oral surgery to reveal and force out an impacted canine.

    Here is what our oral surgeon is dealing with.


    Impacted canines aren't uncommon, but they always do root damage to the permanent teeth they're growing above. We're anticipating some, but we won't know how much until the tooth is revealed and the area examined.

    During the operation, not only will her braces be put on, but a chain will be placed on her impacted tooth. It will connect to a brace on one of her molars and slowly bring it down.

    This is the best case scenario. There are things that may or may not happen once the tooth is revealed, but we won't know until Eldest is under and the surgeon can get a closer look at things.

    It's not a lengthy operation, only about an hour and a half, but any procedure that involves general anesthesia makes me anxious. I'm thankful that our Doctors, both the oral surgeon and orthodontist, are exceptional. Eldest will be in the best of hands.

    I'll be asking for your prayers this Thursday, friends, and I know Eldest would appreciate them.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and if you have a moment, please keep us and our crazy week ahead in your thoughts. Every bit will help us make it through with a little more grace.

    My best to you all...

    7 Responses to “
    Carefree Moments

    Suburban Princess said...

    I will be thinking about Eldest this week! I am sure it will be smoooooth sailing :O)

    Bella Michelle said...

    I hope it all goes smoothly! My oldest had some form of orthadontics in her mouth for about 6 years so I can so relate. She had an expander on 2 different occasions and turning that little screw made me feel a bit queazy. But, I will tell you...she has the most gorgeous teeth now!

    Ruth said...

    I am praying for my sweet niece. I am glad they got to have so much fun and your mother got some sketching done.

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh goodness. I had braces but never had to endure a procedure such as this one. I'll certainly be happy to remember M in my prayers on Thursday and believe that God will bless her with the best possible scenario.

    So glad y'all had a fun family day! 2 things: Your Mom is an amazing artist. WOW! And that pic of the siblings hand in hand made my heart melt. Utter sweetness :)

    Casey said...

    Bless her heart - I had 4 years of braces, surgeries, head gear, rubber bands, cranks, you name it! It is all worth it now though. I don't envy one bit what she's about to go through though - such a painful process. Good thing she's a tough southern girl!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for Madeline! We take great comfort in our prayer warriors and friends. I'll let y'all know how she's doing on Friday if I'm not around tomorrow. My best to you all...

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    Just catching up on blogs after weeks being out of town and not reading. So glad M got through her surgery and is feeling well now! Your mother's art work is stunning- does she sell it? She's so talented!