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    Cute Booties

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Little feet need a great deal of protection during the colder months. For splashing in rainy puddles, crashing through leaves, and running amok on playgrounds and at school they need to be kept comfortable, warm, and dry.


    We found such shoes at Marshall's this past week and the scallywag has been wearing the heck out of them ever since. Did you know Crocs made fleece-lined boots? As a gal who never wears them, I'm obviously not in the know, but goodness was I glad to be shown the light!


    My little boy loves them to bits and while running errands and walking around our neighborhood his feet have been kept roasty toasty.

    They've been perfect today. It's cold, rainy, and my mother has been working on scones, lemon curd, and whipping cream since we arrived home. Because while my little boy chooses to keep warm with cute Crocs and sweet sweaters, the ladies in my family take tea to warm up instead.

    Come back tomorrow for a special Simply Southern Saturday that focuses on my family's love of High Tea and tea time in general. I cannot wait to share it with you all!

    Stay warm, friends, and enjoy your weekend ahead.

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    Cute Booties

    Your Southern Peach said...

    I don't know why but all little boys seem to love wearing boots! These are such a cute find.

    I cannot wait to see your high tea tomorrow. I know it will be a gorgeous party.

    Enjoy your weekend,


    The Southern Lady said...

    Isn't that the truth, Amy? Little boys do have a love for boots! I was thrilled to have found him something so warm and cute. Thank you! We enjoyed a nice tea together this afternoon and cannot wait to enjoy many more while my Mother is here. Enjoy your weekend as well!

    Ruth said...

    They are so cute!!!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Aren't they? I was so happy to find them, and even more so that Jackson took to them. He hasn't gone a day without wearing them since. How will we cope in the warmer weather?

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    These are precious and so useful! I have not seen them here yet, but will now be on the lookout!