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    Giving Thanks

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Our lives are filled with many blessings.

    Today we celebrate and give thanks for them.

    We observe Thanksgiving by enjoying a great meal with family, reading our blessings from the Blessing Bowl, laughing and getting full together, watching a parade or football game.

    This year we're also opening our home to those who are far from those they love. Having lived in Japan, we understand only too well what this is like. We are grateful to spend the day with our new friends and share this special day together.

    My heart is full of gratitude for my personal blessings~the ones I hold most near and dear to my heart. This gratitude and thanks extends to each of you who stop by to read and leave a kind word. It is a pleasure to hear from you all, and to know you.

    Many blessings to you on this Thanksgiving Day!

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    Giving Thanks

    Ally Garner said...

    I can only imagine how wonderful it is to celebrate an American Holiday as special as Thanksgiving in the US again. And especially sweet hosting your family. I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!