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    Mad For Plaid

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    As the sight of plaids in the Fall always make my heart flutter, it's clear that my Catholic school girl days still hold a very fond place in my heart.


    To me, plaid evokes a feeling of warmth and security, style and timeless grace. It also reminds me of picnics in the park with your family, cozying up beside a fire with your loved one, and snuggling up with a good book.


    There's a school of thought that plaid must be associated with stodgy and stuffy. It must be uncomfortable. But to me, the colder months are never quite the same without a healthy dash of plaid. And I've seen plenty of stylish ways to express your love for these interwoven stripes!


    What do you think? Are you mad for plaid as well?

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    Mad For Plaid

    JMW said...

    I adore plaid - Catholic school engrained it in me as well. :) Great options you have featured here.

    Maja said...

    I love plaid, especially red plaid.
    I own one red plaid skirt which I'd wear every day if I was so inclined.

    I get plenty of light-hearted teasing about it from my friends, who say I look like a conservative little schoolgirl.

    I take their comments as a sign that I hit the nail on the stylehead =)

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh those are beautiful! I still remember my plaid kilt skirt I wore in elementary school with the big, shiny silver pin. I just bought a plaid skirt from Talbots that I'm dying to wear.

    Ans I've been thinking of decorating the house this Christmas with a tartan plaid. I just love that classic look!

    Excellent choices Elizabeth!

    Ruth said...

    Plaid is fun in the right dose