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    Thank You & Recovery

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    Good morning, friends!

    I want to thank each of you who took the time to think about Eldest yesterday. Your prayers certainly reached her! Not only did her surgery go quickly and with promising results, but after some initial grouchiness and nausea caused by the anesthesia, she is in no pain, and feeling wonderful. You wouldn't know she'd had surgery the day before.


    As her parents, our personal prayers were answered in spades.

    We're keeping her home an extra day just in case things change, and taking the time to count our blessings for skilled doctors, understanding teachers, and an unyeilding support system.


    At her request I took pictures of the before and after, but she was in no mood to participate once we helped her walk back to my car.

    My creation

    I can't say I blame her.


    This morning we can laugh about her delirious state post-op~initially, she was a riot~and reflect how quickly she bounced back after a deep sleep later in the afternoon.

    Currently she's enjoying a soft food diet of Pinkberry, milkshakes, asparagus soup, water, oatmeal, and well-cooked mac 'n cheese. But we anticipate adding more solid foods back this weekend. This is great progress!

    Thank you all once more for praying so hard for our sweet girl. She's in great shape and on the road to a swift recovery.

    We couldn't be more pleased for her.

    A lovely weekend to you all, and as always, thank you for stopping by.

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    Thank You & Recovery

    burningitdown said...

    So glad to hear it went well! The pain notwithstanding - her diet actually sounds pretty delightful! lol

    Ruth said...

    so glad it went well. And what no Ben & Jerry's?

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you girls! The diet isn't a bad one at all-it's plenty delicious. She really wants some things she can't eat yet, which is hard, but otherwise she is right as rain!