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    You Say Good-bye, I Say Hello

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Welcome to November all!


    Did you enjoy a marvelous October and Halloween? Ours was very laid-back~which we appreciated. We saw some of our neighbors and friends as Eldest and I wandered the neighborhood, while the scallywag stayed at home to hand out candy with his Daddy and Mimi.

    We're all have a wonderful time together, by the way. Thanks for the many well-wishes!


    Eldest was a neighborhood favorite in her Ghostbusters costume. Everywhere we went people were shouting, "Who you gonna call?" and telling her how much they loved her outfit.

    She was both flattered and embarrassed by the attention, but had a great time exploring our new neighborhood, meeting neighbors, and learning her way around.

    Considering the evening we were celebrating, it's funny that there were so few Ghostbusters out on All Hallows Eve. Eldest and her Halloween persona were right at home.


    With all the ghosts and ghouls running about, she had much busting to do!





    It was a very cold evening, and the streets were pretty dark. It made for a chilling atmosphere as we wandered the unfamiliar roads, but it was such a fun time! Eldest filled her bucket up to the brim.

    Unfortunately, because she has spacers between her teeth in preparation for her expander, she could eat only a handful of what she received. There wasn't much complaining, though. She had plenty to nibble on after all was said and done.

    Now that November is in her early days, we're starting to prepare celebrations for giving Thanks. Slowly our home is starting to warm up with the colors of Autumn and a feeling of home. And with Mother here, it feels that much more like one.

    Thank you all for coming along with us as we settle in. We've appreciated each and every kind word of encouragement!

    We're enjoying a very blustery Fall day with coffee and pancakes this morning, and hope wherever you are, you are keeping warm and cozy as well.

    A lovely Wednesday to you all!

    2 Responses to “
    You Say Good-bye, I Say Hello

    Beth said...

    I'd love some pancakes right now! But it's almost lunch time over here on the East Coast!

    I'm excited November is here. I always enjoy it so much!

    Ruth said...

    I love her costume. Did little man dress up?