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    Christmas Around the House

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Christmas in California is like no other we've experienced before. Though it's been very cold and windy, the actual day we'll experience a nice temperature of 75 degrees. 75 degrees! Can you imagine?

    That's sundress weather y'all!

    In keeping with our West Coast surroundings~and due to decorations being stuffed in boxes we haven't reached yet~I decided to go with the colors that seem to always surround us: green, blue, gold, and brown.


    From wreaths, to our tree, to wrapping paper, the colors are all over our home in different, but striking shades of those colors seen above. I'm kind of in love with the palate.

    Our decorations are more sparse than normal, but I'm sure by next year we'll have every box opened, all decor arranged. Until then, come with me on a little tour of our Christmas bungalo in California!


    Our tree is bling-bling-blinging with a glittery aray of beautiful baubble ornaments. Turquoise, gold, copper, and lime green cover the tree from top to bottm. They're especially brilliant when the sun hits them!


    Of course, the biggest "YES!" moment came when trying to figure out what to do about the tree skirt. We have a great burlap and gold one~in a box~but I couldn't get to it. A solution presented itself while shortening the scallywag's houndstooth coverlet.


    A rather large section was removed, and while trying to decide what to do with it, inspiration struck. Et voila! A tree skirt was born.


    I like it!

    Near by, our two linen-covered chairs from Tokyo flank the fireplace.


    I love our stockings, the simple green wreath, but oh my Lord the windows are driving me nuts! We just have to get some drapes in here.

    The side table holds seasonal reads and a great little bowl we picked up in Kappabashi Dori in Tokyo. Inside are a bunch of Christmas candies (that are slowly disappearing), and by the bowl are the cutest little Elf statues I found at Goodwill.


    They are so sweet and cherubic. I love them almost as much as a par of angels my mother sent to me.


    One stands and one sits, but both are so dear. Eldest and the scallywag take turns putting them in different places during the day, only to return them to their perch at the end of the evening.

    On our buffet we have a vivid tea display.


    We finally had the art from Hong Kong stretched on a canvas, and while it usually hangs in the hallway between the bedrooms, right now it adds brilliant bursts of colors behind the porcelain whites and silvers of our mercury Christmas trees. "The Polar Express" and "The Cajun Night Before Christmas" are Christmas Eve reads. We keep them out around the house in anticipation of the night before Christmas!

    The children have their own decorations. Again, they're very simple, but speak to both of them.


    The scallywag's Louisiana alligator and Eldest's beautiful butterfly remind me of times spent with both. The colors compliment their painted initials, and just happen to go with our Christmas palate this year. Both children like their wreaths, and enjoy knowing they have their own decorations for the holidays that they'll be able to grow with.

    And so concludes our Christmas House Tour!

    We don't tend to go in an ornate direction to begin with, but this year simplicity reigned supreme in our decoration. And there are no complaints! It certainly was less time consuming. This entire Christmas season has been filled with less decorating and chaos and much more time just being with family and friends. It's been a real delight.

    It's also been a delight to know each of you. I'll be taking a brief blogging break over the holidays so the family and I can enjoy our time together. I'll see y'all a little closer to the New Year!

    A very Merry Christmas Eve's Eve to you all!

    5 Responses to “
    Christmas Around the House

    Amy R. said...

    Merry Christmas! Your holiday decor looks lovely.

    Amy R.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you so much, Amy! A very Merry Christmas to you as well.

    Ruth said...

    The decorations are beautiful! But no surprise there as it was you doing it.

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Simply lovely - just like everything you do! May Christmas blessings follow you throughout the new year! :)

    Bella Michelle said...

    Everything is so lovely! I hope you enjoyed your 1st Christmas in your New Home and made many memories.

    Thank you for stopping by Southern Somedays and leaving me those sweet, encouraging words concerning my little guy! I appreciate them more than you will ever know!

    Happy New Year!!!