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    A Garden & Gun Gift Giving Guide

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Chances are most of you know all about Garden & Gun Magazine. It celebrates every aspect about the South~both old and new. From literature, to cuisine, to art, to the very act of living, it redefines what being Southern means. Sometimes it dispels a stereotype, but more often than not, it offers insight to the great fortune of being from the South.

    If I'm lucky, I'm able to read through the website once or twice a week. It keeps this girls heart filled to the brim with pride. There's always interesting finds and amazing articles.

    This past week the one that caught my fancy was their Gift Guide for the 2011 Holidays. I just have to share some of my favorites with you! A few aren't at all kind on your pocketbook (unless you happen to be that person with 20K to drop), but they are so unique and pretty that it would be a crime not mention them.

    If you see an item in bold, click it to enter the site where you can find these pretty little things.



    I don't normally go for the chunky rings, but these Van H. Cocktail Rings are so pretty~and not too big. They're just the right amount of sparkle a gal could wear year round. And what lady doesn't enjoy uniquely crafted stationary? Maison de Papier in Atlanta offers some gorgeous choices in both notecard and stationary form. What makes these cards extra special is the nod given to the sporting culture of the South. How charming!


    The style of this caryall from Fleabag reminds me of the old Dooney & Bourke bags. I like it. The waxed canvas gives it a weathered look, but there is still something very chic about it. You could wear it anywhere...Just like the ankle boots from Herm├Ęs. Oh, the price is scary, but I'm sure you could find something like this at a more affordable price somewhere else. The appeal is the play on sporty riding gear. It's said to be a perfect compliment to sporty slacks and a shirt. That's great! What's even more fantastic? If that shirt helps to pay it forward to children in need. For every shirt purchased from Read's Clothing Project a book will be donated to a child in Africa. Christmas is the season for giving, right?


    I love a good throw pillow. Just ask my husband. He'll roll his eyes and groan, thinking back to every single throw pillow I've found at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I may have a problem. But how could anyone say no to these remarkably beautiful pillows from Lacefield Designs? Each season the designers come up with a palate then hand sew each and every pillow. That is just amazing. So are these pretty little baubles from Towne & Reese Jewelry and Billy Moore. Described as flapperesque and delicate pieces, they are just that: dainty throwbacks to another time. Days of elegance and unquenchable fun. Don't you want to be a part of something like that?


    Be still my heart! This trio is my favorite from G&G's gift guide. They personally speak to me~cliche, I know. I just love a good, tailored trench. It's timeless, feminine, and though the cost of this woollen Pendleton is a bit much, it can be handed down from mother to daughter and worn with anything from jeans to dresses...that can be worn to tea! Y'all know how much my family and I adore taking tea, and these tea canisters from Bellocq have been featured everywhere lately! This is not an exaggeration. How am I expected to not try it when the caddies are so beautiful? And speaking of beautiful...this watch it exquisite. It's also ridiculously priced, but as it's vintage and part of Girard-Perregaux’s line it's apparently justifiable. Dears, if you want the beauty of a mans watch along your wrist, you can easily find something more affordable. It is lovely, though, isn't it?


    Finally, what home isn't complete without a bottle opener? Or what tailgate for that matter? As an Ole Miss graduate, our school is famous for tailgating in an elegant fashion. Again, this is not an exaggeration. This year Ole Miss has been named the most beautiful college campus, the campus which holds the most beautiful girls, and one of the best tailgating spots in the nation. True, we may not win every game, but we never lose a party. Believe it or not, that's one of our actual slogans. And if I were there to celebrate every win~or loss~ one of these beautifully crafted bottle opener from American Forge South would be on hand.

    Now go ahead and tell me how badly you're drooling over these gift ideas? If you need even more, go to Garden & Gun's website for the complete list. It's amazing and difficult to choose just one to like best.

    But if you had to...which one would you chose if given the choice?

    I'd love to know!

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    A Garden & Gun Gift Giving Guide

    Bella Michelle said...

    As another G&G devotee I agree that this list is wonderful! Merry Christmas my friend!

    rach said...

    Wow I love it! I really like that bottle opener...wonder if you could personalize the inital on it!

    Ruth said...

    They have wonderful ideas. And now I must wonder where you go the idea for the gift you are waiting on. :)