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    Glimpses of Christmas

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    It's been one of those weeks when everything seems to be happening all at once. It's sheer madness. I've been able to get a few things done around the house for our California Christmas, just not as much as I'd like.

    Thankfully I have a very understanding family who are equally busy.

    I'd like to give you a glimpse of what we're doing this year, but before that, a look at Christmases past, both in Charlotte and Tokyo.

    In Charlotte, the moss green stockings I'd sewn the year before went missing. I still don't know where they are, but it was hard to see our first stockings as a family of four disappear. They were a true labor of love.

    christmas2008 039

    But in keeping with the spirit of the season, I looked on the bright side. Literally. I threw together a warm palate of oranges, golds, and whites for our last Christmas in the States. Inexpensive felt fabric from Michael's gave us the jumping off point and created beautiful stockings.


    Our front door was inspired by one by Martha Stewart and came out wonderfully!

    Door Wreaths

    I just thought it was fun to do something out of the ordinary, but you wouldn't believe the number of neighbors that stopped by to ask how they could replicate it.

    We decorated with orange calling birds,




    and even used a Fall wreath in our decorating.


    The orange just worked, and was such a welcome hue during the holidays.

    Last year, however, due to space and our belongings being in storage, Christmas in Tokyo was very low-key. This wasn't a bad thing, but it was different.

    We used orange again, but only a smattering on our tree combined with cranberry.


    Our stockings we ordered from home and have become our permanent ones.


    For gatherings we used our plates from La Plates and our gold Christmas tree plates from my Mother.



    We enjoyed our smaller Christmas. It was much simpler to do and more of our energy was focused on Christmastime as opposed to decorating for it.

    I'll be honest, though, it is very nice having our Christmas boxes back (even if half are still in the garage). Feeling inspired by our new home, though, we've gone in a new direction this year. From the ocean blues to the grassy greens, to the sparkling golden sun...they're all represented.

    Are you ready? Here's a tiny glimpse:



    I hope to have everything finished over the weekend, and if so, will share each special spot in our home with you. The children have had a hand in our decorations this year and I know they'd love to show it to you.

    Be sure to come back for a good look!

    A lovely December first to you all...

    7 Responses to “
    Glimpses of Christmas

    Bella Michelle said...

    I can't wait to see!!!! The 1st year in a new home can be a bit hit or miss on how/where to decorate (we were in a new home last Christmas so I remember!) Sending Christmas blessings your way!

    Royar said...

    I absolutely LOVE that wreath! I might be replicating that this weekend! Happy December to you and your family! XO

    Your Southern Peach said...

    I absolutely love the orange at Christmas time and can't wait to see what you come up with for your new home.

    I hope you all have a wonderful first Christmas in CA.

    Sara said...

    just gorgeous!! I cant wait to see how you decorated this year.

    Brandi Nell said...

    Oh... I cannot wait to see! It's going to be gorgeous I know!

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    What a wonderful flashback! I love them all, but I think this year will be especially wonderful. Can't wait to see it!

    Ruth said...

    I can't wait to see pictures. I miss ya