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    Grilled Chees Bites

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    My family and I love the classics. This love extends to our food, but sometimes doing the same thing over and over again takes the charm from your meal.

    Take the classic and always delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Butter, bread, cheese, and if you want to shake things up, perhaps a little something extra in the middle. It's a simple, yet gooey & delicious treat for everyone.

    Why not make it a little more interesting though?

    Here's why my children and I did last week while preparing a hot meal of grilled cheeses and tomato soup. Instead of a traditional sandwich we cut them into little bites for easy dipping! They're fun for the children, make less mess than dipping a full sandwich, and for those who don't like crusts, that problem is now eliminated.

    Dubbing them grilled cheese bites, I'd love to share this super easy and fun recipe with you all!

    First, and this is important, you must use a nice, crusty bread so your bites don't rip apart while being cut and they don't become flat squished pieces of grilled cheese. We used sourdough. Not only is it a flavorful bread, but it retains it's fullness throughout the entire cooking/cutting process.


    Oh, that melty cheese! That gets me every time.

    Butter your bread, cook as you would a normal grilled cheese, then cut into cubes.


    Put a handfull onto their plates then let your family use their fingers, forks, or fun skewers to dip into their soup of choice. We're kind of purists with our love or combining grilled cheeses with tomato soup, but whatever floats your boat is a-ok!


    I promise everyone will be left with a smile on their face (unless they're annoyed because you asked to take their picture).


    A lovely Tuesday to you all...

    4 Responses to “
    Grilled Chees Bites

    maria said...

    such a brillant idea, LOVE! Merry Christmas to you and your precious ones!!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you so much Maria! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family of four. i know this one will be extra special for you all.

    Your Southern Peach said...

    Mmmm, now I'm craving this classic duo!

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    I hadn't thought of using sourdough to avoid the "squish" factor - great idea!