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    Bees & Braces

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Last week Eldest found herself facing two big B's: the Spelling Bee & braces.

    Eldest is a phenomenal speller, winning the school Bee when we lived in Charlotte. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix-up with spelling lists this year, and while she spent a good two weeks pouring over hundreds of words from different origins it all turned out to be for naught.

    She'd been given the wrong spelling lists.

    We were floored, and a little angry on her behalf for such a huge mistake. She'd spent countless hours learning word after word...It didn't seem to matter too much, though, as Eldest finished 6th out of 30 people. I don't know about you, but all things considered that's not too shabby. We were so proud of her!

    Eldest's amazing work ethic and good nature got her through those lists of words and the disappointment of a mix-up. As a parent, that made me more proud than you can imagine. A trophy is no replacement for a person's character, and Eldest's was shining that day.


    She had other things to look forward to anyway.

    We arrived at Dr. Bar-Zion's office at 2:00, and within moments she was whisked away to a reclining chair for one final inspection.


    The expanders had done a very good job~maybe too good. With all the extra space, her teeth had gone in every which direction. They didn't know what to do with all that room to move!


    Thankfully the braces are solving that little problem. Would you believe that only after a week her two front teeth are already almost straight? It's amazing, I know, and Eldest is beside herself with happiness.


    So sorry, I thought I said "beside herself with happiness".


    Eldest was in such good spirits after having her braces put on she had no problem hamming it up for the camera. All joking aside, she was in a good place, and amazed at her transformation from before to after:


    She had some pretty intense discomfort that night, it even woke her up, but it passed after a few days. Thanks to each of you who offered kind thoughts and offered to pray for our sweet girl! No doubt they helped her through the rough moments. We celebrated her recovery with some sweet treats on Sunday from Crumbs Bake Shop.

    Come back tomorrow and join us as we delight in some decadent looking cupcakes! Our thoughts on them just might surprise you.

    Have a lovely day!

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    Bees & Braces

    Beth said...

    Oh, I remember the days of discomfort from braces! Anything that "messes" with your mouth is memorable. But wow at the results! I wouldn't trade my smile for the world. So a little pain now will bring her years of beautiful smiles in the future. :)

    Glad the first week is behind her.

    Bella Michelle said...

    Oh, I understand the frustration you must have felt on behalf of your sweet girl!!! She did wonderfully it sounds, correct list or not!

    BTW, as a Mom whose own daughter spent many years with various forms of orthadontic equipment in her mouth I want to tell you that the end result will be worth every ounce of discomfort! My dd (who is now 20) has such a gorgeous smile now. Your sweet daughter is already gorgeous and the tweeking on her teeth with just enhance her beauty.

    Ally Garner said...

    I still remember the first few days of new braces. Painful! But I also remember the wax, head gear, water pick, fun colored bands, and perfectly straight teeth when it was all over. What a rite of passage for a young lady! Best wishes to Miss Madeline for a pain-free experience and a lasting, gorgeous smile :)

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Please tell M that she looks super cute with those braces!
    SO happy to hear she is over the pain part and getting along well now.
    What a beautiful, smart young lady!

    Ruth said...

    that really sucks about her getting the wrong list. But that is still awesome she did so well. I am glad the pain didn't last to many days after getting the braces on. i am sending a little something to help with any pain the next time they are tightened.

    Your Southern Peach said...

    She looks so grown up! My dentist has been trying to convince me to get braces for years now but I'm still holding out ;)

    Better for her to do it now than later.

    Avis Charland said...

    How old is she? I think her new braces added to that look! I can already imagine how good she is on spelling bees. Congratulations in getting 6th! You sure are lucky to have a daughter like her. Let’s hope that mistake won’t happen again anytime soon she’ll join any spelling contest.

    Landon Heath said...

    How courageous of Eldest to undergo the procedure. :) Just look at how proudly she smiles in her before and after pictures. I'm amazed by the quick straightening of the two front teeth, only after a week, wow. It's not long before they’ll all be aligned and the braces be taken off. :)

    Jerri Franceschi said...

    Eldest does look great now that she has her braces on. Her teeth are starting to align properly. In time, the transformation will be complete, and she will have a beautiful smile to share to everybody! Having braces for the first time can be hard, so it would be best to allow her to adjust to her new braces. I just hope that the braces would not interfere with her speech when it’s time for another spelling bee.