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    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Today will be the last time I see this sweet smile as is.


    Today Eldest is getting her braces! Originally they were to be put on during her oral surgery, but you know how doctors can change their plans. Both our oral surgeon and orthodontist decided to let the expanders complete their job before placing braces on Eldest's upper teeth.

    And today is that day!

    I'm excited for my daughter, but I'll miss this un-bracketed smile, as it's familiar and precious. Endearing.

    This said, we're all welcoming what will come with the changes from her braces~and so is Eldest. She's excited about the rubber band choices, watching her teeth move and align. The knowledge that in no time at all her teeth will be a thing of straightened beauty only sweetens the pot.

    Two years from today we'll see a completely new smile emerge from months of care. And we will love this new smile as much as her old one. The sweet person beaming at us hasn't changed a bit, after all.

    It's amazing to see how quickly things progress in the world of orthodontia now. What a change from when we were all going through it!

    We are all thankful for having such amazing doctors caring for Eldest. They're not only at the top of their field, but they're also good people. Do you know many doctors that will meet you on Christmas morning to fix a broken chain?

    I love our orthodontist, and so does Eldest.

    If you could, please keep our sweet girl in your thoughts today. While none of us are concerned about the actual braces, Eldest may experience some pretty intense discomfort as they begin using the chain attatched to her braces to pull her impacted canine down. Unfortunately, we're still not sure if it will descend. Only time will tell.

    All prayers would be appreciated, by Husband & I, as well as Eldest.

    Have a lovely day all, and as always, thank you for stopping by!

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    JMW said...

    Oh, best wishes on the braces! I know what she's going through, so many prayers going your daughter's way. Hopefully some Motrin or Tylenol, as well as some rest, will help a little. In the end, it will all be worth it. :)

    Royar said...

    Best wishes to Eldest! It seems like just yesterday I was getting them put on right before I started seventh grade! Oh how time flies! Remind her that it's all worth it in the end, and until then, it's a great excuse for many milkshakes and Starbucks! Happy (belated) New Years!

    Ruth said...

    Before we know it we will see that sweet smile without the brackets. AFter all somehow almost 12 years have passed.

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Prayers that the new braces aren't causing too much discomfort!