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    Wednesday, January 18, 2012


    On Sunday Eldest's teeth were no longer aching, the scallywag had woken up with his first cold of the New Year, Husband was exhausted from work, and after watching our Saints loose to the 49'ers the night before, we were in dire need of some sugary resuscitation.


    Knowing Crumbs Bake Shop was only a few minutes away, we decided to make our inaugural trip and try their legendary cupcakes. Husband used to tell me about their cupcakes while working in New York, and I won't lie, when we lived in Tokyo, I desperately wished for those or the other well-known cupcakery, Sprinkles.

    They always sounded like confectionary perfection~mostly beacuase everyone said they were. Who was I to argue? I love cupcakes and was happy to believe it. I was really excited when the day rolled around that we'd all be able to eat some!

    Along with the children, I drove to Calabasas, grabbed a very pretty selection, then headed back home. We were ready for some primo cupcakes!


    On our plates were a Red Velvet, a Grashopper, an Avalanche, a Milkshake, and one wee Classic Chocolate for the scallywag. There was a little mishap with the box carrying our cupcakes and each of them wound up wearing icing from the others, but it didn't really bother us when it came time to eat.

    Overall, the children loved their treats. Eldest deftly ate her Grasshopper with a fork, savoring every bite, while the scallywag devoured his...and wound up wearing most of the icing (which is always the sign of truly enjoying something, in my humble opinion).


    Husband and I liked them as well, but they weren't exactly what I thought they would be. Maybe it's becuase of all the hype that I'd built up these cupcakes to be the end all be all of cupcakes. But after all was said and done all they were was good. Not spectacular, just good.

    There is certainly nothing wrong with good, and I'll definitely go back since I still want to try the Artie Lange and Blackout. I'll just ground my expectations a little bit.

    Maybe second time will be the charm.

    Have a very sweet day, all!

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    daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

    What a precious little man!!

    I am so jealous cause I have NO Sprinkles or Crumbs :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    Kerri @OhMann! said...

    Those do look delicious! I was jut thinking yesterday that I am ready for Starbucks to start making their cupcakes again. Yummy!

    Ally Garner said...

    My NOLA born Saints fan Hubby was stunned by that game too. Just unbelievable. Ugh.

    The red velvet cupcake is calling my name. It's so pretty! And the scallywag is as well. Ha - what a cutie-pie :)

    So glad to hear Miss M the pain of new braces has subsided!

    Ruth said...

    I want to pinch those sweet checks.