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    Meet Me...At the Farmer's Market

    Monday, January 30, 2012

    Sunday's are peaceful, quiet days. They're filled with spiritual nourishment, early family meals, and if you're lucky, a trip to your local Farmer's Market.


    They open early, but once the beacons of white tents start appearing in local shopping centers, you know it's time to get out and enjoy. Come with me to two such wonderful places. Just grab a pair of comfy shoes and a cup of coffee, and we'll be off!


    Living in California, there are an endless amount of Farmer's Markets~and they're not strictly for the weekends. I happen to prefer the weekend, as do many others, but if you hit it at the right time, the Market is a wonderful place to walk around at a leisurely pace.

    This particular morning I arrived at Westlake Village's Farmer's Market just as they were opening. Everything was being unloaded, tents weren't fully erected, but many beautiful products were already out for purchase.


    And whether it's on a rustic table, or fruits displayed on vintage tablecloths, seeing how the food is displayed is just as wonderful as seeing the food itself.



    The colors are just so fresh and raw.


    All produce is locally grown and organic, and the vendors take as much pride in their food as they do in how they choose to display it. They understand the power behind a well-designed stand~and more often than not, it works in their favor.


    Because there were so few people at the Market, I was able to take my time wandering through the produce stalls, enjoying the sights and tastes along the way. I even stopped to smell the roses...


    and many other beautiful flowers. For Farmer's Markets don't only have great deals on amazing produce, but on plants and flowers as well. I'm sure you all know this, but it still amazes me that you can get so much of a quality item for such good prices.

    So good, that I had to pick up a few treats for my family from a French baker. His bread and pastries were delicious!


    I couldn't leave without grabbing some croissants and rolls. Once the purchases were made I returned closer to home to the Agoura Hills Farmer's Market.

    It's much smaller than the one in Westlake, but I like it more. The prices are a little better, they have a wider variety of produce to sample, and best yet, the nearby restaurants cater to those who are hungry. Falafel anyone?


    The blood oranges were so juicy and ripe, I was craving a mimosa by the time I was done.


    But it was the continued sight of bright and lucious food that continued to catch my attention.


    I don't know about you, but when I see wonderful food on display, it pushes me out of my culinary comfort zone. It encourages me to try new things. And why shouldn't I?

    Come back later this week to get a sample of what we cooked up, and come back next Monday as I take you somewhere very fitting for the month of February.

    A lovely week to you all!

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    Meet Me...At the Farmer's Market

    Sarah said...

    Oooh my, I am so jealous of this, lucky lady! I love farmers markets!! We only have a few in the middle of summer.

    Ruth said...

    I am jealous you get to go to one all year long and one so amazing at that.