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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    When many little things crop up together~the funny, the wistful, the lovely, the precious~it's always good to have a place to store those memories. Thank goodness for the return of "A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That"!

    ~As we live in California, I've temporarily forgotten what a real winter is like. Instead of being bundled up in cashmere and coats, we've been enjoying skinny capris, sweater sets, and polos. And no one wears a polo better than the scallywag!


    ~Superbowl Sunday made us happy as could be! In our hearts, we were happy because no matter who won, an Ole Miss Rebel would be on the team. In our heads, however, we were seriously pulling for Eli and the Giants. These mini-cupcakes helped us celebrate the sweetness of their victory. We ate them on our La Plates plates, completely ignoring the fact that our market couldn't seem to get the red icing quite red enough.


    ~What we could not ignore was the awesomeness of Vegas Night at the scallywag's school. Not only did our class basket pull in a healthy final bid for the auction,


    but if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you also saw my transformation into Miss Taylor.


    A few called it a "Valley of the Dolls" look, but either way it was a hoot pulling the outfit together. It was a fabulous evening! Everyone's outfits were a scream and we all danced the night away. I can only imagine what next year will bring.



    ~Eldest returns home tomorrow and we can hardly wait. We've missed her so much! Looking back on the pictures from earlier in the week, I couldn't help but laugh. For all our efforts to make sure her clothes were warm, comfortable, and friendly to the outdoors, her Imperial Trellis fitted sheet still managed to make its way into her suitcase. It was for the bed in her cabin. I suppose my girl likes to enjoy the little luxuries where she can!


    I suppose I do, too. With Valentine goodies everywhere you look, I can't help but want to whip up somethiong special for Eldest's homecoming. Nothing chocolaty. I'm thinking scones with tea and heaps of clotted cream. After spending time in the great outdoors, it will be nice to sit together by the unlit fireplace, sip our drinks, and chat about her week romping about the woods.

    I hope each of you manage to find a quiet moment to enjoy with someone you love as well. Enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.

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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh how I love new pictures of your cute scallywag! And Elizabeth, you looked gorgeous as Ms Taylor. I can't get over that dress & your eye makeup. Just perfection! I hope M had a terrific time on her trip - can't wait to hear all about it.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend Quon family!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you so much, Ally! You always say the sweetest things. You'll be happy to know that Madeline had a wonderful trip, and though she was bone tired upon her return, she was thrilled to play with her little brother all night long! Enjoy your weekend as well, friend.