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    Missing her

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    This sweet girl.


    I am missing her like crazy right now.

    Today she is off on the great adventure known as "Outdoor School". It's the big event for sixth graders. For four days and three nights the classes, along with their teachers, venture to the woodsy, mountainy Camp Bloomfield in Malibu.

    Yes. I did say they would be camping in Malibu. Sounds like the premise to a Shelly Long film, doesn't it?

    Under the guidance of counselors, they'll enjoy activities such as hiking, conservation, and nature lore. The hope is that the experience during those few days will help bring them closer to appreciating what the outdoors have to offer.

    As a parent, I think it's a wonderful thing. I'm excited for my daughter. She's going to have the best time and learn so much.

    I'm just not excited that we won't see her smiling face again until Friday afternoon. Silver lining? The fact that she's attending the camp this week as opposed to next week~the week of my birthday. Call me selfish, but it's not a birthday unless I can share it with the people who've given my life so much light, love, and meaning.

    I'm thrilled that she'll be home for the big day!

    Until then, home will be much quieter. We'll miss our gentle ray of sunshine and her dynamic silly sweetness.


    Friday cannot come quickly enough! Best wishes to you Eldest, and have a magnificent time exploring the great outdoors. I know you'll have a wonderful time.

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    Missing her

    Ally Garner said...

    Wishing the beautiful, brilliant Miss M a fantastic time with her classmates this week! I can't wait to hear all about her new adventure.

    And wishing that time flies for you this week, Elizabeth!

    Ruth said...

    I hope she had a blast. It sure sounds likes a fun time.