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    Fun, Fun, Fun

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    She's only been here a day and a half, but we've been having the best time with my Mother and busy as little bees!


    The red beans were prepared right away,


    and shopping trips were made! We found an Easter dress and others that were just for fun.


    We made a trip to Pinkberry where the salted caramel left us weak in the knees,


    and one to Home Goods where we found a gorgeous jute/chenille rug for our living room. It was a belated birthday gift from my parents for which our feet are very thankful!


    And while we do love getting spoiled, it's the company that's made us happiest. We cannot stop laughing and smiling. My mother kind of has that affect on people.


    Her presence has been the best gift possible~and it will only be better once Daddy arrives at the end of the week!

    These visits remind me of how nice it would be if we lived closer to home; how wonderful it would be to see our families whenever we wanted. But what they say about distance and the heart is completely true. There is a level of appreciation and greater excitement that comes with each visit. We cherish each day together and there's anticipation for what could be in the future.

    And it's there that I'll see you next. A lovely Wednesday all~we're off to play!

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    Fun, Fun, Fun

    Katie @ Team Skelley said...

    You can really see how much your daughter looks like your mom in the first picture! So sweet!

    Ruth said...

    I am glad y'all are having fun. And I love the middle dress.