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    The Guest Room...

    Saturday, March 10, 2012


    ...is coming together!


    After painting some very dated bedside tables, discovering new life in a few old prints, purchasing new lamps, and finding inspiration for the entire room re-do in some lovely pillows from Home Goods, Mother and Daddy will rest in style and utmost comfort when they arrive next week!


    We're still hunting for drawer pulls and bedskirt fabric and, oh, yes, a headboard. (I'm dreaming of an upholstered one in a marigold color. We'll see if dreams come true!) But in spite of what isn't there, we're tickled to bits at how nicely the guest room has come together~and how easily.

    Now Monday, hurry up and get here! I want to hug my parents.

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    The Guest Room...

    Casey said...

    Beth, I have no doubt that with your DIY abilities, you could make your own headboard. Once you have something so specific in mind, it is sometimes easier just to make it yourself to get exactly what you want. I've seen so many good headboards made even with pieces such as fences (was so cute!). That said, I know what a HUGE project that would be. Make your dreams come true!

    I hope you have a lovely time with your family.

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh I love that yellow & grey color palette! And those painted bedside tables turned out beautifully. What a gorgeous room!

    Ruth said...

    With your skills I bet you could make your own.
    I can't wait to take up residence in that room for a couple days in the fall.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thanks so much for your generous words of praise, ladies! They were very welcome. I'd love to make an upholstered headboard, but the type I want requires sewing (for the piping) and unfortunately my sewing machine is in Oxford. So a-purchasing we will have to settle for. It's not the most cost-effective method, but it will do...in the future. Time to save up!