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    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    How can you go through childhood without reading a Dr. Seuss book? You can't. They're whimsical, catchy, colorful, and ripe with what stirs the imagination. I happen to love the positive messages some of his books hold as well. It's been a treasure to share his books with my children, and today we shared in the joy he's brought to our lives with a very special breakfast.


    Green eggs & ham!

    It happens to be the scallywag's favorite book at the moment, as well as his chosen story for Pre-School story time. What better way to celebrate a great author than with this delightfully green meal?

    Happy birthday Dr. Seuss, and thank you for all the places we've gone!

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    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

    Denyse Bean said...

    We love Dr. Suess as well! Lauren did a research paper on him in 4th grade. She could choose any author she wanted (and she reads so much it really could have been anyone!) and she chose him! I learned so much more than I ever knew.

    Ruth said...

    My biggest memory of Dr. Seuss is the last visit to Charlotte and my eldest nephew deciding his books were the only ones his Aunt Ruth could read.

    Anonymous said...

    Take a look at this website. As a retired school librarian (and I know that your mother-in-law was/is a librarian)I still enjoy checking out this almanac for my church library.