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    Meet Me at the Grove

    Monday, March 26, 2012

    To every Ole Miss fan, there's only one Grove: a tree-dappled landscape in the middle of the University campus. It's a thing of true beauty, and a location made famous because of it. It's where we tailgate in high-style and watch our Rebels march proudly through the Walk of Champions every Fall.

    Imagine our surprise~as well as delight~upon our arrival in L.A. to learn of another Grove. This one, however, was known for the beauty of its shops, food-stalls, farmers market, and of course, celebrity sightings. Come with me to West Hollywood for a taste of what makes L.A. so very fabulous!


    Whenever we head to The Grove, we head to the Farmers Market & food stalls first. We arrive with big appetites, ready to dive into the various cuisines offered. Our favorites happen to be Greek, Spanish, and Creole, and over various "rounds" of food, we indulge and share with one another.

    It's our experience that the earlier in the day you go, the better. The crowds are smaller, seats more widely available, and though they get your food to you quickly no matter what, you'll get your meals even faster!


    This weekend we dined on some of our favorites. From huevos rancheros & lamb gyros to jambalaya, lemon tartes, & Bob's famous donut's, we delighted in every morsel atop our plates.


    That's part of the beauty of food stalls. It's a great chance to taste authentic cuisine from various countries and learn what suits your tastes (and what doesn't). Our children even have a great time branching out and trying something new.

    When all is said and done, Eldest and I typically grab an ice cream from Bennett's, then donuts for the next morning's breakfast.


    After all, if you're within arm's reach of L.A.'s best donut shop, you'll be remiss if you don't bring some home. Trust me. You'll hear all about it from both children and grown-ups. Just get the donuts~you'll thank me later.


    Once you're finished tasting your way through the various food stalls, take the leisurely stroll we often do. Walk from one end of the shopping area of The Grove and back. They have all of the stores you love: Anthropologie, Janie & Jack, J. Crew, Apple, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble's, American Girl, Zara...in other words: many a good shop!

    And if shopping isn't in the cards for you, the walk itself is a real treat.


    The streets are completely closed off to traffic, sidewalks are lined with trees, and the facades of the stores are charming to behold. It makes for a great stroll~or trolley ride if you're so inclined!


    There is always something happening in The Grove as well. If you're a parent, this is a wonderful thing. Most activities center around children, and as it is Hollywood, they tend to go all out. Take this past weekend for example. The new Snow White film, "Mirror, Mirror", had a large promotional princess party. There were characters in elaborate costumes, crown making stations, indulging in a little Wicked Queen mirror-gazing, and dancing to music.

    Our little boy was worn out by the time we reached this area, though, so we decided to call it a day. It had been a marvelous time with our family, and as always, left us looking forward to our next visit.

    You never know what you'll eat, what activities you'll be able to enjoy, and what celebrities you just may spy on your way around!

    Such as the statuesque Heidi Klum.


    Yes, friends, because I know you want to ask, Heidi was just as beautiful in person as she is in the magazines~not to mention extraordinarily gracious.

    Thanks for taking this little trip with us into L.A.! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I'll see you next week with another "Meet Me Monday" treat.

    A lovely week to you all!

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    Meet Me at the Grove

    Ally Garner said...

    I love Farmer's Markets, but that is the ultimate Market - wow I could spend days there!

    That pic of the scallywag with his Daddy is the most precious thing I've seen in days. Melts my heart!

    I miss you Miss Elizabeth - I never hear from you anymore :( Hope you're doing well & enjoying every moment of your parents' visit!

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    How fun! I love farmers markets but combine that with great shopping- count me in!


    Ruth said...

    it looks wonderful. I I can't wait for my first visit.
    love ya

    The Southern Lady said...

    We love our famers markets, too, but the ones that serve food prepared with their produce are our absolute favorites! Ruth, honey, just an FYI, your trip is going to involve A LOT of incredible food. Consider yourself warned! ;)