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    New Art

    Friday, March 23, 2012

    It evokes memories of a sunset at Le Mont Saint-Michel for my mother.


    Eldest and her evolution into a jewelry maven say the pops of gold are her favorite part.


    Husband still isn't sure what to think.


    But I love my birthday gift to myself.


    Abstract art isn't for everyone, and we certainly don't like it all. In fact some of our favorites happen to be pin and inks & landscapes. But the moment I saw this linear piece with its unexpected strokes of bright pink, celadon, and lavender I was sold.

    One of the problems I've had in our main living area has been the complete lack of color. There are shades of blue and green within, but for the most part our room has been a vacuum for neutrals. This feminine painting added some well-needed color into our living room area~not to mention unexpected conversation.

    Since it was placed in a prominent spot in our dining area it's pretty visible, and everyone has had different opinions and reactions to it. This has been a surprising treat. I don't think anything else we own has ever caused people to stop and remark upon it. And maybe I'm a goof for thinking so, but this is so cool. Art should pull people in, spark a thought~perhaps even conversation. At least that's how I feel. Am I alone in this school of thought? I tend to think that if you want to hang something on your wall, it should mean something to you, and if it gets tongues wagging, all the better.

    And on that note, a lovely weekend to you all! Husband is back in town, and we (plus Eldest) are exhausted from last night's midnight premier of The Hunger Games. It was great, but the lack of sleep...not so much.

    Thank goodness for bright and pretty things! Toodles all!

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    New Art

    Ally Garner said...

    I'm typically not an abstract art fan, but I have to say this piece is stunning, Elizabeth. I love the all the bright colors. And I love any piece of art that sparks interest & conversation. What a beautiful treasure!

    designchic said...

    Love the painting. I have recently started loving modern art and this painting reminds me why...gorgeous!! Loved Hunger Games - saw it tonight

    Royar said...

    This is stunning! I am not a huge abstract art fan, although after my trip to Centre Pompidou in Paris, I might just be a convert. XO