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    Golden Birthday Gift: Wild Herringbone

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Eldest has been asked to refrain from reading the blog until her birthday passes~otherwise she'll know about a few of her golden surprises!

    One such surprise is a piece of art. It's a print, and one she's wanted for a while. Over the headboard of her canopy bed there's a large space that has been crying out for something. To fit her room we agreed whatever it would be, she should be the one to choose it. Choose it & love it. If it happened to be young and chic, as opposed to a "Hunger Games" poster, even better.

    This was no small task. We looked for quite a while, when in a moment of serendipity we discovered a wonderful artist through Megan of Honey We're Home.

    Nancy Ramirez aka Cozamia has a fabulous website filled with her designs. If you wish to purchase one (and chances are you will once looking at her work), simply go to the Imagekind website and search under Cozamia. There you're able to customize the size, paper type, and wether you want it placed on canvas or framed.

    It took us only a few moments of browsing before Eldest found a piece that had her jumping up and down. I'll be honest, it had me jumping up and down, too. Between the colors and the stylish herringbone pattern, we both knew this was the piece.


    Fittingly enough the name of this print is "Wild Herringbone". And if Eldest knew it was on its way to our doorstep she'd be so excited~so SHHH! Please don't say a word.

    I ordered the print to fit perfectly over her headboard, and once it arrives we'll have it framed much as it is in this picture: with a simple gold frame. Perfect for a golden birthday, don't you think?


    It's simple, feminine, chic, and very youthful. That it's also a herringbone design also makes it timeless. The colors and design keeps it from being stodgy, making it a fresh and vibrant piece for any room.

    Once the entire piece is installed and unveiled, I'll be sure to capture Eldest's reaction! I know it's going to be priceless~much like her.

    Happy Tuesday all and stay tuned for more Golden Birthday Gifts!

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    Golden Birthday Gift: Wild Herringbone

    gifts for her said...

    Its really very nice anyone will happy looking this as a gift.
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    Your Southern Peach said...

    It's gorgeous!!!! She's gonna love that for a long time to come.

    Ally Garner said...

    It's absolutely beautiful! I love how bright & sunny it is - that print just makes me smile to look at it. Wishing Miss M a very special birthday & many more years of joy!

    Ruth said...

    I love it too! That child inherited some wonderful taste from you. I can't wait to see her expression.

    love ya