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    Happy Birthday Sweet Madeline!

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    Today my firstborn, my sensitive, smart, gentle-hearted, lovely daughter, is celebrating her twelfth birthday.


    That she's celebrating her 12th birthday on the 12th makes today golden . But regardless of it being a golden birthday or not, my daughter has always shone brightly. Until I held her in my arms for the very first time,  the true depth of what it meant to love unconditionally and without question was more of a concept; something I could only pray to experience one day. She made it concrete.

    It's never ceased to amaze me that for 12 years someone so young and small could make such an enormous impact in my life. She isn't quite that small anymore, but still leaves her mark each day with little touches on my heart and in my mind. Though my husband and I know we are her life teachers, her guides, Madeline is the one who constantly helps us to learn new things.

    It was a delight to raise her through her infant and toddler years, a happy challenge to watch her grow into early adolescence, and though frustrating at times, a privilege watching the young lady she has been blossoming into. Now as her 12th year begins, the teenage years are beckoning. Thankfully, my girl isn't in any hurry to get there. She's taking her time to navigate the waters in her life, content in the now, but hopeful for the tomorrows. For who knows what joys they will bring?

    I simply pray that there are many, and she drinks each one in with the same exuberance she shows every day.

    A very Happy Birthday to my sweet, grace-filled, warm-hearted girl. May your heart always be light, your smile ever bright, and your life filled with faith, success, joy, and people who love and appreciate you.

    All my love always,


    7 Responses to “
    Happy Birthday Sweet Madeline!

    Denyse Bean said...

    Please wish Madeline a very, very happy golden birthday from the Beans! 12 years old on 4-12-12. Awesome!

    E. Van Horn said...

    You are just the sweetest family I know.
    Happy Birthday Madeline!

    Heather from MI said...

    Happy Birthday Madeline!

    JMW said...

    What a lovely ode to your daughter. Happy birthday, Miss Madeline!

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh that brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful letter to Madeline! Wishing her a wonderful golden birthday!

    Your Southern Peach said...

    How sweet!!! This post brought tears to my eyes.

    It reminded me of the exact moment I met my first born. It's a moment I'll never forget!!!

    Happy birthday to Madeline.

    Ruth said...

    How did that happen? I still remember waiting to hear and trying to decide to skip classes to wait for that call from Shannon. He called at the last moment for me to leave for class.
    A very happy birthday to my beautiful neice.