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    Meet Me in the Garage

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    I've had such enthusiastic responses to my "Meet Me Monday" series I decided that besides restaurants & L.A. locales, I should show you some places that are a little closer to home as well. Literally.

    We've lived in our new home for almost 7 months, but have only scratched the surface in terms of unpacking our boxes from Charlotte. It's okay~Eldest and I have a plan. Every week we sort through five to six boxes and divide things into "keep", "sell", or "donate" piles. It's not unlike preparing to move and so far, has been very effective.

    But enough of our plan. I'm about to show you the state of our garage (and it's a pretty humbling moment). Come with me into the shadowy recesses and see just why I had to share it with you!


    It may sound like denial, but our garage isn't quite as bad as it looks. We have roughly 20 boxes to sort through still~not a great number. What makes the task look daunting are all the pieces of large furniture peppered throughout. You may be able to see some of them in the above picture. We have buffets, side tables, extra mattresses, chairs, dressers, an armoire, beds...Is anyone interested in making a purchase? We will have a big sale this summer!

    It's a little crazy. What makes our garage so fun, though, and why I had to bring you along, is that each time a box is opened it's like discovering treasures long forgotten. In some cases they truly were. Here are a few of the lovely jewels we've recently rediscovered during our most recent unpacking.

    Hotel Silver from the Savoy. I don't have many pieces since I only started collecting a few years ago, but it has become a real passion. Not only are some of the pieces from places long since closed, but it's impossible to not romantacise over the history of each. Who, I wonder, poured themselves a cup of tea while visiting the Savoy? What conversations were held in its presence? One can only imagine! Eldest and I used to spend time making up stories about the people who used our pieces. We Southerners do love a good yarn~and good silver~so combining the two makes it all the more special. After a good cleaning, I bet the imagining will begin all over again.


    Our Mackenzie-Childs enamelware. I love this New York based company and thank my Mother for introducing it to me. The pieces we own are quirky, quality, and best yet, touched by wonderful memories. Many a pot of tea were enjoyed with both my mother & Eldest while using our over-sized Courtly Check mugs. Our plates are still in a box in the garage, but most of our serving pieces are out and ready to be used!


    My lovely friend, Ruth, sent us a tureen and bowl set several years ago. The crab & shrimp theme made me think of the crab boils at home, giving the entire collection great sentimental value. As long as we've had the bowls, we used them each Fall and Winter for our hearty soups and chili's. It's so good to have them back on hand!


    The silk drape panels happen to have the accent colors in our guest room! Let's cross our fingers that they work (I know that would make Husband very happy).


    And finally...books. Oodles and oodles of books in one of my favorite colors: kelly green. It took a good bit of careful wiping down, but they're right as rain now and in our book cases.


    So, yes, while our garage looks a bit like Sanford & Sons, there are treasures to be found. Some to keep and some to sell, but all with heartfelt memories attached. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to wash, rinse, and polish!

    3 Responses to “
    Meet Me in the Garage

    Your Southern Peach said...

    I know that's a big job but you're almost there! At least you have a willing and able assistant :)

    The Southern Lady said...

    Amy, if not for Madeline I would be beside myself. Her company is great and her help certainly cuts down on time. We 're also pretty similar in that we love to stop and look at things while sorting, so it isn't the drudgery it could be. Scratch what i said about the process not taking too long~ha! We hope to be done by the end of May, and I think we may just do it. I hope you're having a lovely day in Georgia!

    Ruth said...

    You are almost there. I am glad you found the tureen and bowls again. The moment I saw those I knew they had to be yours.