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    Coffee Table Love

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    Good morning guys and dolls! I hope you're all enjoying the kickstart of summer (though I know all of y'all home in the South have been privileged to enjoy the heat for a while).

    I've been absent for a good two weeks and had to pop in to say hello. My parents worry when I stop writing, and even though we talk a few times during the week, they miss the blog. So here I am, happy to be back and easing worried minds.

    Today I'm coming to you all for your thoughts. I am in need of some decorating opinions, so please, feel free to lay them on me.

    Last week I found a wonderful coffee table for our living room.


    The height was ideal, the length was substantial, the bones were fabulous, and the table itself nice and heavy (solid wood and brass will do that to a piece of furniture!). The kicker was the price: $35. The Salvation Army was indeed a salvation that day. I was beyond excited!

    Here is where your advice comes in. Take a good look at the top.


    If you can see beyond the amazing inlay you'll see whoever owned it last seriously mistreated it. Glass rings, places where hot items were left to sit, scratches...the top of our coffee table has it all and it breaks. My. Heart. I understand loving furniture and letting natural dings and wear occur. I have children~I know it happens. Each little touch of time adds character, perhaps even a story or two.


    But it's pretty obvious by looking at the table that these marks were caused by a total disregard beyond being utilitarian. Sadness. At least it has a happy ending now. We love our new coffee table and look forward to many, many years of having it in our family.

    Now my question...

    Should I refinish the top in the original stain or paint it? Once the brass is cleaned and the top sanded, filled, and refinished, it would look amazing. But if it were painted a dark brown-grey it would also look great!

    To refinish or to paint? That is the question.

    I would love to know your answers! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know which way your leaning. Either way we'll be happy!

    Happy Tuesday all and thank you.

    8 Responses to “
    Coffee Table Love

    Kathleen said...

    Refinish...it will be a spectacular piece when it is done. You were right, for the price it was a real find. The additional investment in refinishing it will make it a very special part of your family's room.

    You have a great eye!

    Warmly, Kathleen

    sofieV said...

    I second what Kathleen said.

    What a great find!

    burningitdown said...

    That table is amazeballs and should definitely be refinished to keep the detail work. The grain on top is delightful and you could lose it if it were painted.

    If you don't want to tackle refinishing it yourself (I would be terrified) I'm SURE you could find someone to do it at a reasonable price - especially when considering how much of a steal it was!

    Good luck!! And don't forget to post after pics!

    Beth said...

    Great find! Can't wait to see the finished product no matter which direction you choose.

    Nicole said...

    If you decide to paint it, check Into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! Fabulous colors and the best furniture paint around. No priming needed!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Thanks everyone! I was overwhelemed by how many suggested we retain the original stain. But after your comments and really thinking about it, y'all are right! now we need to get it taken care of. Thanks again for your thoughts.

    Lori Ellen said...

    I'm gonna go with - paint it! Much more modern! If you have more traditional pieces in your home already, it the modern look of having it painted could be a nice contrast!

    Ruth said...

    Now that I see a better picture of it I vote refinish it. And I agree with Mary you could probably find someone to do it cheap if you aren't brave enough to do it yourself.