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    Meet Me at Pink's

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Pink's. Sounds cute doesn't it? Super-feminine even. But I'm sure y'all know that the Pink's I'm referring to is neither one of these things. It's much cooler than cute, and a rite of passage for anyone passing through Lala Land. This place, my friends, is a hot food landmark in L.A. and an absolute must for anyone who wants a true taste of life on the go in the city of the famous and fabulous.

    Have I caught your attention yet?


    Well if I have, come with me and my family as we venture to a corner on Melrose and La Brea. It's there that you'll find a piece of L.A.'s quick and easy culinary history~or as it's called here: Pink's Famous Hot Dog Stand.

    There's nothing remotely fancy about Pink's. There's nothing complicated about it either. The menu, though lengthy, is simple to follow, and protocol for ordering is just as easy. Be prepared to wait a good 15-20 minutes in line, but once you reach the front, be ready with your order, continue down the line to pay then pick up your food. The wait is worth it. I promise.


    Tip: If it's a beautiful day, head to the back of Pink's and enjoy your meal under an umbrella! Turnover is always quick and you don't want to wait to eat. After all, when are cold hot dogs ever a good idea?

    Though it was our first trip to Pink's, we enjoyed the inaugural thrill of ordering and letting the children read through the menu. The staff was a well-oiled machine and ran the stand with great efficiency, and pleasantly, great care for their customer. Think the Soup Nazi's stand in Seinfeld, but friendly. Really friendly. As in, if you pick your 3 year old son up to see what they're doing, they'll kindly offer him freshly made french fries. For free.


    For obvious reasons they were met with the scallywag's immediate approval.

    Everything is prepared fresh daily. From the coleslaw to the legendary chili, the onion rings and the french fries, each piece that makes Pink's whole comes from years of hard work, loyalty, and love.

    You'll have many a hot dog combination to choose from~burgers as well~but may I recommend a few?


    For the picky eater get the Betty White aka The Naked Dog. It's a plain hot dog and I guarantee you'll get a good tickle for requesting it. If you're feeling more traditional get the chili cheese dog. The chili is an old Pink's recipe, and is served with mustard, onions, and cheese atop your dog and bun. It's a great mess~especially if you request coleslaw on top like I did. But who orders a hot dog to look like a lady? I'm also going to suggest you try to Chicago Polish Dog, but only because it sounds so interesting! I may have to try it next time.

    Adventuresome eater, table for one!

    But don't just take my word for it. Look at the menu for yourself! And if you find yourself in L.A. for a spell, get yourself to Pink's.


    Grab a bite, enjoy the gorgeous weather, and maybe catch a celebrity chowing down at the next table over. They do love those dogs, y'all! And if you have the time, swing over to Beverly Hills afterwards for some cupcakes from Sprinkles.

    That's what we did! But that's another story for another time...

    Until then, Happy Tuesday everyone, and may you all have a hot diggity-dog day!

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    Meet Me at Pink's

    Ruth said...

    As long as there is more than hotdogs let's add that to my list.

    Denyse Bean said...

    I will have to get John to look at this post! He loves a good hotdog! He is currently in love with this dog from a guy who has a stand in town. He follows him on twitter to see where he will be on any given day and tracks him down! Being Memphis, John gets the famous bbq dog with bbq sauce and slaw!

    Ally Garner said...

    I have always wanted to go to Pink's! Looks delicious and like such a fun place.

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