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    S'mores: A True Story

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012


    With summer in full swing and both children out of school, we have plenty of time to mess around in the kitchen these days. Most of the time the children are requesting something sweet, and I figure, why not? We'll make up for those sugary treats during our meals and while we run around.

    This summer, however, the scallywag has become enamored with the idea of camping. The idea of camping~let me be perfectly clear. Every day he'll drag out his sleep friends, pillows, and blankets and together with Eldest they'll construct tents in the living room, watch their shows, and read spooky stories.

    Naturally the topic of s'mores came up, and since my little guy is all about indoor camping these days, we decided to fix them.

    The scallywag was elated. No, he was beyond elated. He was a Fourth of July fireworks display~he was bursting with that much excitement. His desire to be in the thick of the entire s'mores process was obvious so I let him lead the way at our local market.

    He found the marshmallows and gleefully chucked them into our cart.

    He smelled the box of graham crackers before carefully setting it next to the marshmallows.

    But the most exciting moment was grabbing the two 10-packs of Hershey bars. He did not want to let them out of his sight (and I can't say that I blame him).

    We checked out, picked up Eldest from volleyball, then raced home to fix the ultimate in delicious camping cuisine.

    Once again the scallywag was in the middle of everything. He laid out the graham crackers, he arranged the chocolate bars, he counted the marshmallows...and he had a bite of each one.

    It would be safe to say he was in heaven!

    Once the s'mores were assembled I popped them into the oven and ushered the children back into the living room. Soon the smell of melting chocolate filled the kitchen, wafting throughout our home. We all knew what that meant! It was time to plate our s'mores.

    I cut one in half for myself and the scallywag and let Eldest have her own. Both children were bouncing around in anticipation! And goodness did our treats look good! Lightly toasted marshmallows, perfectly melted chocolate, the light crunch of the graham crackers. They were perfect.

    I presented the s'more to the children, sat down, and was preparing to bite into my half when I noticed my son staring at his sweet treat.

    "What," he asked, pointing to his s'more, "is that?"

    "That's your s'more!" I said. I reminded him that the oven warmed things up and changed how his s'more originally looked, but if anything, it was so much better now.

    He looked at me, back at his s'more, then back to me.

    Clearly he wasn't buying it.

    Sure enough, he poked at the marshmallow, gave it an experimental lick, then scrunched up his face. "May I be excused?"

    That night Eldest ate her brother's extra s'mores half and I learned an important lesson. In theory, much like camping, the scallywag enjoys the idea of eating s'mores than the real thing. In truth, he enjoyed it deconstructed and not heated up~something I'll remember for all future s'mores endeavors.

    And that's a true story!

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    S'mores: A True Story

    Ruth said...

    So cute! Saturday night is national camp out in your backyard.