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    Summer Plates from Privet House

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Do any of you remember when Privet House launched their Target line? Yes? No? What on earth is Privet House?


    I'll dial it back a little for you. Privet House opened in Connecticut in 2008. The shop boasts an amazing collection of international antique furniture, artwork, and other wares for the home and garden. Have I piqued your interest yet? Yes? No? Need a little more?

    Please look at their website, and make sure you have a cloth handy. You're going to need it to wipe the drool from your mouth. Their site is filled with a marvelous assortment of eye candy!

    So marvelous, it was only a matter of time before a chain store tried to make the brand a bit more mass marketable, and sure enough, Target went for it. And thank goodness they did! Target's Privet House features, in the words of blogger Thrifty Decor Chick, "a signature line of d├ęcor and accessories for the home, garden and table reminiscent of the shop’s charming aesthetic".

    There's something rather French about the decor~particularly for the outdoors~so this gal from New Orleans had to check it out when it made its debut.

    And when this Southern mama caught a glimpse of the tropical toile melamine plates in black and cream, well, what else was there to do but grab a few? Did I mention that the bottoms are a gorgeous kelley green?


    Ignore the lime-y shade in my picture. I assuure you on all that's good and monogrammed that it is kelley green. The fact that the plates are virtually indestructable (a bonus for the mom with a toddler!) has made them a family favorite for the past few weeks.

    I could easily forsee them becoming a year-round fixture on our tables as they're pretty easily interchangable with the seasons, but as they're still pretty new and still available at Target, I'm going to offer y'all a bit of advice.

    If this is something that appeals to your style aesthetic, run, don't walk, to your closest Target and give Privet House a good look. It's high style design at low Target prices, which these days, you just can't beat.

    But just in case you need a little extra nudge, take a look at these beauties!




    Happy Wednesday, all, and don't forget to stop and enjoy the eye-candy!

    PS~I just found out from fellow blogger Jackie that all Privet House from Target is on clearance right now! We're talking serious markdowns so go and grab a little treat for yourself!

    3 Responses to “
    Summer Plates from Privet House

    Julie said...

    Those are really beautiful. Too bad I have enough gorgeous Target "china." They sell too many pretty things!

    Elizabeth Quon said...

    Target china~that gave me a good laugh! I do love them, though. They sell so many pretty things it's easy to get carried away (and my Husband has requested that I refrain from being carried away any further. Ha!). Have a lovely day Julie!

    JMW said...

    Loving this - Target gets me every time!